Wisdom: When times change, a lot of changes

Wisdom: When times change, a lot changes

Have you ever traveled by air? The lights in the passenger cabin are dimmed when the giant passenger plane revs up its engines once to check its engines on the runway for takeoff. And then the plane starts running on the runway. When it is high in the air, the lights are restored after some time.

The lights in the cabin are dimmed even before landing because most aircraft accidents happen during take-off or landing. Smoke fills the cabin and no one can see the emergency exit in an emergency. Therefore, emergency exit lights are turned on by dimming the lights so that the passengers can see the direction of the exit.

The ups and downs of life are also two stages of the journey of life when we do not see anything. Rise dazzles the eyes with the colors of pride, while adversity is the darkness of the downfall of time. The world of aviation has recognized the possibilities and has made a clear line of advanced guidance for it.

We are common people but we often forget this in this journey of life. When the time changes, then we get confused and we don’t understand what to do. In such a situation, bowed heads in sajdah and obedience lead their way. It is easy to bow your head in the fall, perfection happens when you get the opportunity to prostrate and thank you in the rise. Therefore, air travelers give all instructions and reminders before take-off. This is human psychology.

I pray that this journey of your life will be a pleasant one.

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