This is how cats show us their love

We love our cats – there’s no doubt! These soft and fluffy balls with their unique personalities, who come with us, pull all kinds of pranks and are so incredibly cute at the same time. We love them – with all their special features! But what about them? How do they find living with us and how do we know if the feline housemate loves us as much as we love them? You can spot it with these clear signals!

The desire for closeness – a question of personality

First: the degree of closeness your cat allows or if she wants to be caressed by you, is not necessarily a matter of affection. Certainly, most cat owners wish the mini tiger liked to be cuddled and maybe even purring pleasantly sits beside or above us when we have made ourselves comfortable. But whether your cat is the “as close as possible” type or shows affection in some other way is also true. a matter of personality and the experiences she has already had with people.

Some cats have kittens little or no positive experience with human hands are allowed to do or blows and therefore do as an adult difficult with human proximity. Maybe you don’t know yourself very well, or your cat has a chronic illness or pain that makes touching uncomfortable. None of this has to do with you or asking if the cat likes you. let yourself go Don’t worryif your furry friend shows affection in a not-so-cuddly way.

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In social contact, smells are for cats THE means of communication for all. In addition to those rather unpleasant for us humans Traces of urine or scratchesdistribute them on the so-called “assign” their own smell on it Rubbing objects or living beings like us humans. They show that we are part of their home, of their family. On the cat’s cheeks are especially many olfactory glandswhose so-called animals pheromones (transmitters that are imperceptible to us) – also to us, if they love us. In particular, they rub their heads or the sides of their bodies against us and caress our legs.

If a greeting is particularly warm, the cat nudges us briefly with its nose, followed by a gentle nudge (sometimes not quite gently in the case of clumsy companions). The “give head” is in the chat very friendly “hello” and is granted only to the social partners who really like.


In addition to the described allomarking, i.e. the diffusion of body odor by rubbing, the so-called “Allogrooming” the common exchange of odors and is therefore also a sign of affection. With this behavior you get – more or less – a lot of attention from your cat cleaned up. Cats take over the cleaning of friendly social partners, especially in hard-to-reach places such as behind the ears or on the back of the neck. We humans often brush our hands or hair extensively. vice versa our caresses are the counterpart of feline allogrooming: we “clean up” our cat, so to speak.

If the cat is very relaxed with people, or with you in particular, he will show one of his most sensitive parts of his body as a sign of confidence: his stomach. Your internal organs are largely unprotected, the proof of trust in you is particularly great.

But beware: a cat turning on its back in front of you would like not necessarily caressed become. Often this gesture signifies a game promptthat you, according to the preference of the velvet paw, with a lively brawl (please exclusively with a suitable toy and never with the handso that the cat can reliably distinguish the dummy prey from the vulnerable hand) or respond to a little cat play. If the furry nose cuddles you and turns on its side or back, you can gently stroke its belly and see if it enjoys the touch.

Remnants of other behaviors: milk kick and love bite


If your cat falls completely while cuddling, two behaviors from different contexts may be occurring. At shot of milk the animal tramples and kicks on the spot with its front paws as if to knead dough. These cats adopted this behavior from the time they were kittens, where they stimulated the mother’s milk flow by kicking her. It is a special sign of comfort and is therefore shown to people with whom the cat feels comfortable.

love bite

From the mating context, in turn, comes the so-called love bite, which is mainly represented by tomcats. During mating, the male bites the cat’s neck without seriously injuring her. If a cat cuddles devoutly, it can also lead to those loving bites towards us humans, and here is a sign of affection. He is cuddly and above all soft, sometimes a little rough on the hands or other parts of the body nibbled. Is this testimony of love uncomfortable for you, briefly break physical contact with an “ouch” and wait until your crazy loving cuddly tiger has calmed down a bit before continuing to pet him.

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