Hybrid dogs: the 5 most popular breeds at a glance

hybrid dogs

Hybrid dogs are becoming increasingly popular. They have really become a trend. The demand for such crossings is very high and over time more and more matings of this type have emerged.

The 5 Most Popular Hybrid Dogs:

  1. Labradoodle
  2. Goldendoodle
  3. Cockapoo
  4. Maltipoo
  5. Schnoodle

What are hybrid dogs?

I’m sure you know him Golden retriever or Labrador Retrievers, schnauzer, Maltese, pug or beagle. All of these dogs and many more have been crossed with other breeds over time – whether it’s a Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, Schnoodle, Cockapoo or Puggle. The names of these new dog breeds have now become widespread and the commonly encountered “doodle” at the end of the name you can already guess, that a poodle was crossed. These dogs are hybrid breeds.

Hybrid dogs descend from a purposeful mating of two dogswho belong to two different races and purebred are. The aim of this crossing is to produce offspring that combine the positive qualities of both breeds – be it the looks, the skills or the nature. Crossbreeding with the poodle is one very common breed. The Poodle is considered non-shedding and also does not do the typical seasonal one-coat change through. This should also help people with a dog hair allergy to fulfill their wish of having their own four-legged friend. The hybrid dogs themselves will usually not used for further breedingbut the parents of two new purebred animals.


The term is often used here heterosis effect. This is also known as the hybrid effect. It means that the first offspring generation F1 more efficient and vital regarding their health than the parents themselves. This effect is achieved because the parents each belong to different breeds and are homozygous. They are not related to each other and pass on their gene variants to the generation of offspring, such as crossing a Labrador with a poodle. This effect does not only occur in dog breeding. Also in the breeding of livestock or in the cultivation of grain take advantage of this effect.

The deliberate crossing of two different pure breeds has existed before. That’s how it is lurcher a good example of this. This hybrid dog was crossed from a greyhound and a sheepdog in England and Ireland. The meaning behind it was that Creation of a good working dogwhich could be used to poach rabbits and the like.

The most popular hybrid dogs


Labradoodle hybrid dogs

He is still one of the most popular hybrid dogs. This targeted breeding from Labrador retrievers and poodles was the pioneer of the trend to combine other breeds with the poodle. The Labradoodle is considered to be friendly, intelligent and docile. It is available in different sizes and colors. The coat structure also varies from short to long-haired, from smooth to curly fur. In Australia, attempts are being made to achieve a uniform breed standard for Labradoodles. The offspring are then bred on. However, there are still enough matings from different homozygous parents in this country.


Goldendoodle hybrid dogs

It arose from the Combination of Golden Retriever and Poodle. It is available in large or small, depending on whether a large or a small poodle was crossed. There are also different color variants. The fur structure can also vary. The Goldendoodle is considered friendly, outgoing and active.


Cockapoo hybrid dogs

A cockapoo is through that Crossbreed of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle emerged. Most of these dogs have slightly longer fur and come in various colors. By crossing the Cocker Spaniel, the activity of the dog should not be underestimated. The Cockapoo likes to be kept busy and exercised. A sporty home is right for this fur friend.


Maltipoo hybrid dogs

A Maltipoo is out of the targeted Crossbreed of a Maltese and a Miniature Poodle developed. He usually has medium-length, dense fur, which can be found in different colors. He is friendly, self-confident and also wants to be encouraged mentally and physically.



Here was a Schnauzer crossed with a Poodle. It comes in different sizes, depending on the type of schnauzer and poodle that were bred together. The texture of the fur and the color of the fur can also vary greatly. These dogs are known to be friendly, intelligent, and outgoing.

What should I consider if I want to buy a hybrid dog?

If you have decided on a hybrid dog, then you certainly have a certain idea of ​​which of these many hybrid dogs is suitable for you. As with any other dog wish, you should inform in advance about the breeds and think about which type of dog fits into your everyday life and into your life.

Since hybrid dogs are trend dogs, the correspondingly large in demand. Prices can vary greatly from breeder to breeder. Take your time and look for one suitable breeder.

Find out about your dream breeder and take a close look at the environment of the puppies. How do the bitch and her puppies live? Are both parents perhaps even on site? If the father doesn’t live with the pack, let them show you photos. Health records of the parent animals should also be available. Feel free to ask lots of questions. Reputable breeders want a good home for the little ones and will answer questions open-heartedly. Likewise, a reputable breeder will want to know what the puppy’s new home will be like and ask you questions as well.

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