Acclimating a cat to a new partner

Being in love is a great feeling! It’s tingling in the stomach, everything is exciting with the new love in our lives and we are full of energy. What otherwise pisses us off is only half as wild with a new crush and anyway: the world is a little more colorful and beautiful, isn’t it?! But this new person also comes into contact with your fluffy roommate and here there may be problems and the question arises: how to accustom the cat to a new partner?

So that your relationship does not turn into a drama of jealousy, let your feline cat share your happiness. Here are four tips for getting your cat used to a new partner:

  1. Reverse the roles: new human = twice as much fun for cats
  2. Maintain important routines
  3. Include your new love
  4. Respect cat etiquette

It could all be so rosy – if it weren’t for our cat, who often has little or no understanding of our excitement for the new person by our side. From the perspective of your beloved fur nose, however, this skepticism is not unjustified. As our hormones overflow, it brings new love for our cat all mixed up. The routine-loving animal is challenged by your increased absences or visits from a stranger (to whom you also give your full attention) in ways that are uncomfortable for him. If you used to spend whole evenings with her on the sofa or with a funny game of cat and mouse, now she looks more often in the sewers and has to share you with someone – completely without that we ask him. Outrageous – at least from the cat’s point of view.

Maintain important routines

cats are habitual opportunistic creatures: they like their processes, like to know when something is happening for them and appreciate it our regular donation. What kind of unit you have grown so far is natural individually. For some, evening cuddles on the sofa are essential to well-being. Others, on the other hand, draw new stores of stress for everyday life with you during daily play – or enjoy the evening walk with you around the block. Every cat has their own unique needs, routines and highlights. If you don’t know how to name them yet, take a good look: what is your cat’s cat? with you Most important ? Be sure to keep this – even if you are in love!

The animal’s basic needs such as food, toilet cleaning, etc. must of course continue to be guaranteed in all cases. It belongs to you Responsibilityto provide the cat with everything it depends on you – no ifs and buts.

Include your new love

Involve your new love in the nice things with your cat and at the same time pay attention to the animal’s willingness to allow the new person to do so. Not all cats throw themselves directly into a visitor’s lap and even if they do, it’s still a different quality to be clawed by you in the exact spot they enjoy so much and only you know so well.

If your cat is very attached to you, this may first make sense for your new partner. first passively with some distance stay with both of you while enjoying your quality time. Does your cat trust the new person a little more, slowly decrease the distance and tie it up a bit. Complements more and more beautiful moments between them, of which your partner can finally completely appropriate one or the other.

Respect cat etiquette

Even if you have already implemented the first two points superbly, your new partner can do it. give up quickly with your kittywhen himself from their point of view “by the way” behaves. Depending on the character of your cat, too exuberant a greeting to the new person can affect the animal, for example look threatening and scare them. Likewise can completely ignore and avoid the chat seem strange – especially in social animals. Support your partner with some hints about them. You know best what makes her tick.

Basically, from the cat’s perspective, a visitor behaves politely by briefly noticing the animal as it enters, then looking away to show it “I saw you, but I don’t want you of badness”. If your cat reacts curiously, your visitor can slowly kneel down and reach out their hand. If the person forms a small “beak” with his hand (similar to the gesture when one wants to snap his fingers), he imitates the face of the cat and therefore with the fingertip of the index and middle fingers a kind of cat’s nose , which your pet may want to sniff. Make sure the person is not leaning from above (it looks threatening), but at your cat’s level kneel or sit. Your partner may show a feline smile with a slow wink at the cat, followed again by a look away. If the cat reacts with hesitation or even shyness at first eye contact, he must first ignore your visit to make him understand that human no danger falls short of

Perhaps the most important rule when introducing your cat to a new partner is yours Understanding for your feline family member, for whom your new happiness means a whole bunch of changes that are not only positive for her. She now has to (re)share you, get used to new processes, to a new person she may not find as likeable as you initially. small oases of well-being with youinclude her in your ensemble and let her know if she needs a little more time to get used to the new person by your side.

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