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Which dogs can learn to drink from a cup?

If you have been trying out trick dogging with your dog for a long time, you probably already have a whole range of tricks up your sleeve. How nice it is there that there are so many amazing pieces of art. Drinking from a mug at your signal is an incredibly funny and cute gag that is sure to please everyone. It is also a lot of fun to practice this trick. Everyone can take part because this is not about physical activities, so also four-legged friends with health problems to think along.

How do I teach my dog ​​to drink from a cup?

First you look for one quiet room where you and your dog can practice undisturbed. Have some small training treats ready. With this trick, the use is one clicker helpful, because in this way you can specifically confirm the correct behavior of your dog. If you haven’t used the clicker yet, follow this first conditioning of this training tool. Thats is quite easy. Your dog is close to you. Now click once and then immediately give your dog a treat. Your four-legged friend does not have to show any specific behavior at all, but only understand the principle of clicking at the beginning. You click once and give a treat. You repeat this until you are sure that your dog has learned: click = treat.

Step 1

If the clicker is successfully conditioned, you start with the actual trick. You take a mug and fill it with tap water. Some dogs are very curious. So it could be that your four-legged friend immediately takes a “sip” from the cup, then of course it will be clicked and rewarded. Great – you’re really looking forward to it!

If, on the other hand, your four-legged friend is skeptical and doesn’t want to drink anything at all, you can use tricks by some broth give to the water sausage water or something tuna in its own juice – depending on what your dog prefers. If he now takes a taste, it is immediately clicked, rewarded and happy. As soon as your four-legged friend puts his snout to the cup and takes a sip with his tongue, you click. Your dog will stop expectantly and accept his reward.

While with other tricks mostly a training step aims at the desired behavior to lengthen, with this trick it is exceptionally good that the dog stops after a sip. A few repetitions are required per training session, so you should do it at this point do not exaggerate.

step 2

In the next step you introduce a word signal one that your dog can associate with the desired behavior. Every time before you point to the cup or hold it out – your four-legged friend can also link the gesture as a non-verbal signal – you say your signal shortly beforehand (such as “Cheers”, “Thirst?”, “Drink” or something else). funny or appropriate term). Since your dog is likely to be naturally reluctant to drink excessively, it makes sense that you do this exercise with him only in between with a few repetitions do, but every day.

step 3

In this step, the repetitions already work well if you have “refined” the water or you have animated your four-legged friend. By now he has probably already internalized the principle of what you want from him when you hand him the cup and say your signal (such as “drink”). Now try the process calmly with drinking water without taste to repeat.


If you can’t get your dog to take a sip from the cup, just give it a try after a walk or after eating a stick of chew. Is the natural thirst given, you can breastfeed it and practice the new trick with it at the same time. Have lots of fun with it!

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