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dog pharmacy

Having a dog pharmacy handy makes a lot of sense for both small problems as well as for one acute emergency to be armed. Bandages, wound ointments, painkillers & Co. – we’ll tell you what should not be missing in a dog pharmacy.

Why is a good dog pharmacy so important?

In everyday life, it can happen quickly: your dog has swallowed a foreign object, nicked or even torn off a claw, or was bitten by an insect. Such or other, even worse scenarios are one for every dog ​​owner terrible idea. First aid to perform is therefore a very important issue and important in every situation, both to take care of the dog and to bridge the time until the veterinarian finally treats it further. Depending on the emergency, these measures can even life saving be for the four-legged friend.

However, it does not always have to be a serious emergency. Even a small scratch, a tick or a sore paw is enough to make you have to react. If left untreated, a scratch or a sore paw can eventually become infected and cause pain.
So it doesn’t matter what kind of emergency or problem arises. A dog pharmacy should be a an integral part of every dog ​​household be. Also, one is best smaller version for on the go to pack for Travel or for a walk.

What belongs in the dog pharmacy?

    • Certain medications your dog needs to take
    • Dressing material/accessories for wound treatment
    • gauze bandages
    • gauze compresses
    • cotton for padding
    • plaster roll
    • self-adhesive bandage
    • triangular scarves
    • Bandage scissors and, if necessary, another pair of scissors to be able to remove or shorten the fur around the injured area
    • isotonic saline solution
    • antiseptic wound solution
    • Wound ointment or spray
    • Muzzle or cloth, scarf or similar for a possible muzzle loop
    • Fever thermometer with disposable protective film
    • disposable gloves
    • tweezers
    • disposable razor
    • Tick ​​tweezers/card
    • disposable syringes
    • flashlight
    • cool packs
    • Children’s socks or dog shoes to protect paws

In addition to that, you should emergency numbers from vetveterinary clinic, veterinary practitioner etc., if they are not already positioned in a clearly visible place. If an acute emergency occurs, immediate action is required. Corresponding articles for dog care can also be found in the dog pharmacy, for example this Equipment for the care of the teethfur and claws. These include toothpaste and toothbrush or fingerstall, brush or comb, claw scissors. A lint-free cloth for cleaning the outer ear cup is also recommended. So you have everything important at hand at all times.

A little hint:
Sometimes it’s worth important recipes or foods already ready, e.g. B. that Recipe for Moro’s carrot soup for diarrhea. Alternatively, a kind of rice gruel can also be cooked from rice. Find recipes that you can prepare in the appropriate situation.
That’s important Regularly checking your dog’s pharmacy. This way you can see in good time whether something is missing or has passed the expiry date.

Can you buy dog ​​medication in the pharmacy?

When your dog is ill, it needs special care and often does too Medicines in the form of capsules, tablets, drops or paste. Medicines come in a variety of dosage forms. The appropriate amount and duration of use is always prescribed by the veterinarian. If the doctor does not have the drug in his practice, he will write you a prescription and you can pick it up from the pharmacy. Important is, to follow the veterinarian’s precise instructions.

Do you still have leftovers from old medicines that may have even helped your dog at some point in the past? talk to your vet first. Only when he has given the green light should you use the medicines. Because even if the thought results from good intentions, the medication can be unsuitable. It is possible that the best-before date has passed or the pack has been open for a long time, especially with drops, pastes or ointments. Likewise, your dog may have a more complex issue in this case and will need multiple medications. The consequences of administering older, unused medication are included unpredictable.

Medication from your personal medicine cabinet should also be taken not administered on your ownbut before Consultation with the veterinarian being held. Finally, these drugs can be used for dogs both toxic and ineffective be. It is also difficult to calculate the correct dosage for your dog.

However, what you can buy at the pharmacy for your dog are ones isotonic saline solution or iodine solution for wound treatmentalso one Wound and healing ointment. Painkillers or antibiotics, on the other hand, should only be obtained from the veterinarian.

Would you like a treatment with homeopathic remedies or Schuessler salts, also contact your veterinarian. He can prescribe you exactly the means that are suitable for your dog in the respective situation.

This article is not an alternative to, or a substitute for, a visit to a veterinarian.

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