Two-thirds of Europeans believe Ukraine will win

In Europe, a majority of people believe that Ukraine will win the war. According to a survey by the Bertelsmann Foundation, 61 percent of the EU citizens surveyed agreed with this statement. The German respondents were somewhat more skeptical about this question. Here the agreement was only 55 percent.

More than two-thirds of EU citizens are of the opinion that Russia’s attack on Ukraine is one on all of Europe. Agreement with this statement is particularly high in Poland (79 percent) and Spain (78 percent). Europeans are rather skeptical about the effectiveness of economic sanctions against Russia. Only 40 percent of respondents consider them effective.

When asked who bears the main responsibility for the war, 66 percent of the EU citizens surveyed answered “Russia”. They see five percent each in Ukraine and NATO, and eleven percent in the United States.

Almost 13,300 EU citizens were interviewed for the survey in December. The results are accordingly representative of the European Union.

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