Scholz meets Biden for security talks in March

Chancellor Olaf Scholz is expected in Washington at the beginning of March. Biden’s spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre announced that US President Joe Biden would receive him in the White House on March 3. She announced that the talks would focus on 

“ongoing efforts to support Ukraine.”Accordingly, Biden and Scholz want to discuss how to proceed and talk about strengthening “transatlantic security”. According to Jean-Pierre, 

the most recent US-Chinese tensions will also be a topic of the meeting.Both the federal government and the US government have denied 

speculation about upsets in connection with the delivery of tanks in the past few weeks to Ukraine: The USA had initially rejected the step, but later promised to deliver 31 main battle tanks. Shortly before, Scholz had also announced that he would equip Ukraine with German-made Leopard tanks. On the other hand, both heads of government have so far rejected deliveries of weapon systems such as fighter jets.

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