6 reasons why it pays to ride an e-bike to work

6 reasons why it pays to ride an e-bike to work

Why cycle to work?

Riding a bike or e-bike to work has many advantages. We have listed the most important ones for you here:

  1. You can get to your destination quicker by bike or e-bike, especially in traffic jams. Because on the bike you can avoid traffic better and choose other routes spontaneously. By the way, you also get to know the beauty and diversity of your way to work.
  2. Cycling is better for the environment. When you ride a bicycle or e-bike, you emit little or no CO2, you avoid fine dust and other exhaust emissions and the running costs for bicycles are lower than for cars. So two birds with one stone!
  3. With the e-bike, you start your day healthy and relaxed. In the fresh air, you really wake up in the morning and clear your head for the day. In this way, the morning commute can even become a moment of relaxation for you. In addition, daily cycling provides more creativity that you can use at work.
  4. Cycling to work makes you fit. Even if your commute is not the longest, you still move a lot more than when you sit in the car or bus. Just 30 minutes of cycling a day can make a big difference to your fitness and health.
  5. You save money by cycling to work every day. No more gas costs, no more expensive bus or train tickets, and no more expensive parking fees. Riding a bike or e-bike can save you a significant amount of money every month by making your daily commute (virtually) free.
  6. Let the bike pay for your commute. Unfortunately, there is no general state funding for e-bikes in Germany, but many employers subsidize a job bike by providing a tax-deductible e-bike, for example. It is best to ask your employer directly what options are available. As you can see, cycling to work every day has many different benefits. Of course, there are also a few challenges when you switch to a bicycle or e-bike. We will now take a closer look at these and of course, we will also tell you why they are only half as bad.

There is no bad weather, only bad clothing

This saying from grandma is a bit trite, but basically completely true. Of course, it’s less fun to cycle to work in bad weather and when it’s raining, but that’s not a problem if you have the right rain gear. There is now a wide range of cycling clothing for bad weather, with which you are guaranteed to arrive dry at work. If you happen to get wet from the rain or arrive sweaty after a long drive, you can of course freshen up in the bathroom before you get to work.

All roads lead to Rome or to work

Don’t have a safe or relaxed route to work? Does the direct route lead along a large, busy main road that you would rather avoid with your bike? We can understand that. Of course, weaving between the cars and exhaust fumes is no fun. So how about finding another, more beautiful route? Google Maps, for example, often suggests several alternatives. It is best to drive this once at the weekend and look for the most beautiful route. Especially with an e-bike, a longer route is not necessarily more time-consuming. Thanks to the battery, you can also choose longer routes, which then run more through the green or on quiet paths, without arriving later at work. And a nice, quiet commute to work is a great way to start the day.

If you think commuting to work by bike or e-bike is something for you, why not try a Gazelle e-bike? With an e-bike, you can cover long distances effortlessly and don’t have to worry about climbing hills or headwinds. That way you don’t get to work sweaty either. Our experts will advise you here free of charge and introduce you to the various models. Arrange a free test ride in one of our e-bike test centers today or visit a Gazelle specialist dealer near you to find out if an e-bike is right for you!

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