Prince Harry addresses pain of ‘growing up in a broken home’


Prince Harry believes most of his pain stems from the broken home he lived through in his childhood years.

The converastion surrounding his ‘broken home’ began once Prince Harry branded himself “a fantastic candidate for the military”.

For he believes, the “cycle of pain” made him into an individual that was “ready for it”.

His admissions were made to Dr. Gabor Maté during his livestream event.

There, he admitted , “I don’t know how it is around the rest of the world but certainly in the UK we tend to recruit from broken homes — you know individuals that are ready for it.”

Even the guest chimed in at this point and chalked everything up him not being held enough as a child.

This was seemingly obvious in moments where “At some point you wanted to hug your grandmother but it wasn’t done,” he also asked Harry.

During the middle of the chat, Prince Harry also took a trip down memory lane and admitted, “I did have an incredible childhood, elements of it, and elements of it were incredibly painful.”

As a result of this, he and Meghan “try their best to make sure you don’t hand on any traumas that you have as a parent.”


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