Lewitzer Pony in Breed Portrait

Characteristics and appearance of the breed

The Lewitzer – what kind of breed is it?

The breed is a pony.

How to recognize a Lewitzer?

The Lewitzer has a noble head with large, light eyes and a medium-length neck. The shoulder is sloping and well muscled. The withers are pronounced. Its croup is slightly sloping and well muscled.

What is special about a Lewitzer?

This breed is considered very robust and particularly durable.

How big is a Lewitzer?

The Lewitzer can make a height between 1.15m to 1.48m reach. These heights can be divided into four categories.

What is the life expectancy of a Lewitzer?

The breed has a long lifespan and can between 30 and 50 years old become old.

What coat colors does the Lewitzer have?

The Lewitzer is mostly like Tobiano Pinto (plate check) to find. He can appear as a brown magpie or a fox as well as a black magpie.

character traits and traits

Are Lewitzers also suitable for beginners?

Ponies of this breed are considered Riding ponies for children and teenagers as well as for beginners. They are strong in character and docile, friendly, easy-going and very sociable.

What behaviors and personality traits characterize a Lewitzer?

Ponies are known for their pleasant nature. You are friendly very sociable, docile, eager to perform and strong nerves. They are extremely sturdy and very durable.

Origin & History

Where does the Lewitzer come from?

The Lewitzer originally comes from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany. On the Good Lewitz the first attempts at breeding began and several breeds were crossed with local ponies.

Why were Lewitzers bred?

The goal of breeding was to create a pony that was teachable, eager to perform, friendly and with strong nerves. it must be both Riding and driving ponyas well as in the Agriculture go into service.

care, health, diseases

What should be taken into account when maintaining the Lewitzer?

Ponies are characterized by their robustness. They require as much grooming and routine blacksmith and vet checks as any other horse.

Are there typical diseases of the Lewitzer breed or hereditary diseases?

are Lewitzers easy to feed. Breed-typical diseases or hereditary diseases are not known. Lack of exercise, incorrect posture and excess food can lead to health problems.

What you need to know about food

What should be taken into account with regard to feeding times and the amount of food?

Lewitzers are considered light and sturdy. The diet must also be adapted to this. The concentrate feed is therefore only under the appropriate load necessary. Otherwise can qualitatively high quality hay and receiving an adjusted amount of mineral food.

How often should the Lewitzer be fed?

What your feeding rhythm should look like is of course closely related to your daily life and the way you raise your animals. Keeping them in an open stable in a herding association would be ideal sufficient mobility. Like other pony breeds, Lewitzers tend to put on weight quickly, so controlled feeding makes sense to prevent nutrition-related illnesses.

Activities with the Lewitzer

What sports are suitable for the Lewitzer?

A pony of this breed is versatile – in dressage, eventing but also in show jumping and endurance. Whether it’s pure recreational riding or more of a sporting high, he’s happy to do it.

How much exercise does a Lewitzer need?

The Lewitzer was bred for work and as a riding pony. It’s joyful requested and supported become. Standing in a box with minimal movement and exercise is not enough for this breed.

Consideration before purchase

Where can you buy a Lewitzer?

Once you have decided on this breed, you must first consider the age of your pony – i.e. whether it should be a colt, a yearling or a pony adult. You can consult different breeders or buy the pony from individuals.

Where can you find the riding participation for a Lewitzer?

This breed can be used in many different ways and can therefore be interesting both for leisure riders and for riders with sporting ambitions. Ads allow you to search for a appropriate participation in riding seek.

education and attitude

Is a Lewitzer right for me?

If you are looking for a balanced pony, with nerves of steel, docile and friendly, the Lewitzer is the pony for you. It is also characterized by its durability and robustness out of. You can use it in many ways – whether for sports or just for leisure.

How to hold a Lewitzer?

The breed is one of the hardy breeds. So you can have it in one without any problem open stable plug. It should be dry and sufficient protection against wind and weather can offer.

If you have opted for a box posture, the box must enough space offer. A paddock or sandy area should also be available for weather outside of the grazing season.
Whatever the type of breeding, the Lewitzer definitely needs it contact with peers.

How much space does a Lewitzer need?

The breed requires a box of sufficient size and opportunities for exercise on a paddock, sandy ground, pasture or similar.

How to transport a Lewitzer?

Since a Lewitzer is a pony and doesn’t get too big, you can easily transport it in a trailer.

Interesting facts and extras

Why are Lewitzers so popular?

Lewitzer are known for their pleasant and friendly character known. They have strong nerves, are balanced and very docile. They are suitable not only for children and adolescents but also for light adults. They are also very versatile and can therefore be found in many disciplines. Of course, they are also distinguished by the coloring of their coat and are something very special.

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