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YNPF to killer Fulani herdsmen: Seven days ultimatum to exit

On Thursday around 5.00am, Some killer herdsmen had invaded Owode Ketu community and Egua and killed about five persons whose dead bodies were reportedly found in nearby bushes and also in the Egua River.

On this note, youths of Yewa North Patriotic Forum in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State, have issued a seven-day ultimatum through her President, Sanni Omobolaji to the killer herdsmen.

YNPF to killer Fulani herdsmen: Seven days ultimatum to exit

This ultimatum was sent on Friday, 24 hours after suspected Fulani herdsmen gruesomely perpetrated this unspeakable act in Owode-Ketu, Egua in the council area.

This was released in a press statement tagged, ‘YNPF to killer Fulani herdsmen: We can’t condone you beyond seven days.’

Omobolaji said the villagers have been living in fear and pains of the incessant killings which he said could only be traced to the herders.

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He also added that the residents refused to engage the herders, because they feel that the government will come up with an intervention strategy to end the menace.

The statement read, “As responsible young people in Yewa North, we have tried to ensure that our coexistence works, even when we are the legitimate owners of Yewa land. But today’s gruesome killing of five of our people has shown that killer Fulani herdsmen can only live in their own world.

“On this note, we call on the state government to immediately deploy a coalition of security agencies to seal off borders with our neighbouring country either through the bushes or through designated routes.

“We also use this medium to give a seven-day ultimatum within which all killer herdsmen must vacate our local government or face the full anger of grieving people.

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“If this ultimatum is taken with levity, we shall stop at nothing in ensuring that all unknown Fulanis are flushed out of our local government at the expiration of the seven-day ultimatum.

“We are fully ready to take our destiny in our own hands and not wait till the Fulanis successfully wipe off all our promising children and caring parents.

“Now is the best time to dissolve the marriage of inconvenience between our people in Yewa North Local Government and the killer Fulani herdsmen as we can not condone these criminals beyond seven days in our domain.”

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