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Why Igwe Umuna Deserves Vice Chairman For Orlu Zone Ezes – Survey



One of the problems ravaging the nation of Nigeria and many of the Third World countries today is the problem of leadership.

Good and adequate leadership are the fulcrum in which good governance rests and where the reverse is the case, the masses languish in pains, poverty, and other vices.

In Nigeria, the people pay more attention and concentration to political leadership and leaders while little or no attention is paid to the traditional institution which ordinarily should be paid more attention to.

This attitude of indifference to the Traditional Institution is common in the southern part of Nigeria particularly in the South East where the majority of the Igbos have no regard for the Traditional Institution and the Traditional Rulers.

This disregard for the Igbo Traditional Institution which arises from an aged long slogan “Igboama Eze” (Igbos have no Eze) is sometimes caused by the so-called Traditional Rulers themselves and not until this abnormally is corrected and the Traditional Institution positioned to its sacred place in Igbo land, some of the problems associated with Tradition, Customs and above all, leadership would not eschew from Igbo Land.

Today, one hears, one particular traditional Ruler in one community and another dragging either land or another property with the community which he oversees as a Traditional Ruler.

Some traditional rulers are in different courts and other adjudicating institutions for either consummating with a wife or wives of the people he oversees their day to day affairs as their Traditional Ruler amongst other unspeakable actions.

Again, the method through which one emerges as a Traditional Ruler of a community further determines whether or not they said Traditional Ruler would have the respect and regard from the community.

Situations, where one emerges a Traditional Ruler of a community without following the laid down community council, leaves much to be desired and the resultant consequences have remained disloyalty and disregard for both the Traditional Ruler as well as his policies by the said people.

Thank God for the understanding of the 9th Imo Assembly to repeal the community Government Council Law which hitherto, contributed to making a mockery of the traditional institution in Imo.

Some of the Autonomous Communities in Imo today have no Ezes while some are indifferent courts awaiting the court to decide who becomes the traditional Ruler of their communities.

These controversies and litigations at various courts emanated from the power conferred on the CGC leadership of various communities to select or elect Traditional Rulers by the Okorocha’s Government.

The empowerment of the said CGC to carry out this function relegated the sacredness of the institution to the extent that some of the rituals which accompany the emergence of new Kings were thrown overboard.

Methinks, the restoration of the eroded sacredness, respect of the Traditional Institution in Imo State appear to be the reason behind the executive Bill which was passed by the Imo State House of Assembly last Thursday.

While I duff my cap for the government of Imo State which expectedly would give assent to the impending Bill before it, I suggest that character should be a watch-dog in selecting new Traditional Rulers in the State particularly the leadership of the institution.

This would go a long way in removing “Chaff” from the Traditional Institution, thereby the confidence of the people would be restored and regained in their communities.

This takes us to the opinion arrived after a survey which singled HRM Eze Douglas Okwara, Okwarachukwu IV of Umuna as the most qualified for the Vice-chairman, Imo State Council of traditional rulers now that the old law of the council has been repealed by the present administration.

The new law which the Imo State Governor assented to a few days ago has brought back the Old style in the Traditional Institution.

The said old format entails, the appointment of Three Traditional Rulers from the three Senatorial Districts of Imo which includes Owerri, Orlu and Okigwe Zones with a new central Traditional Ruler who becomes the chairman, Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers.

From the grapevine, the Governor who has been empowered by the new law to appoint any person of his interest and choice to chair the council is eyeing the Okigwe zone Traditional Rulers, which recently is the only zone that has not tested the seat.

According to our source, Governor Uzodinma intends to take the seat to Okigwe zone since Orlu had taken their turn in the person of HRH, Eze Cletus Ilomuanya and Owerri zone took theirs with HRH, Eze Samuel Agunwa  Ohiri hence, the cap now fits Okigwe zone.

While the Governor would soon do that, a survey carried out in Orlu zone, by the Lead communications points at Eze Okwara as the most qualified for the vice-chairman from Orlu zone.

According to the said survey, the traditional ruler of Umuna HRM, Eze Dr. Douglas Okwara, is from Okwarachukwu dynasty, the oldest dynasty in Orlu LGA.

Okwarachukwu, who is eighteen years in the throne is the fourth traditional ruler in Okwarachukwu dynasty following the hereditary system in Umuna.

Okwarachukwu dynasty had produced Eze Okwarachukwu I, Okwarachukwu II, popularly known as Eze Nwogu. The Late Eze Nwogu, that is the Okwarachukwu II ruled Umuna and Uzoubi Umuna for fifty-six years before his demise.

After the death of Eze Nwogu, who is the grandfather of Eze Douglas, the present traditional Ruler the father of the present Eze Douglas Okwara, HRM Eze Fidelis Okwara, the Okwarachukwu III who after his death, handed over to his son, HRM Eze Dr. Douglas Okwara.

However, the Okwarachukwu dynasty which is as old as humanity is known for its uniqueness in given chieftaincy titles.

This is a dynasty, that looks at people’s character before one receives chieftaincy titles.

Some of the persons who have received chieftaincy titles from Odududike kingdom and “Egedeokpu” dynasty included the present governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma.

Governor Hope Uzodinma in the year 1994 received the Chieftaincy title of  Onwa Omekagu of Umuna by Okwarachukwu II. Information from the archive of Umuna revealed that Okwarachukwu II while blessing Senator Uzodinma upon receiving the said title told him that he would govern Imo someday in future and today, Uzodinma is the governor of Imo State.

Apart from Governor uzodinma, HRH, Eze Cletus Ilomuanya received a chieftaincy title from the same palace as Onwa na etiri oha of Umuna amongst many others.

Eze Okwarachukwu IV, as a man should be classified among those who one would not be cajoled if described as a successful man.

Academically, Okwarachukwu the VI schooled partly in Nigeria but had both his University and masters Degree programmme in California.

His wife, Ugoeze Grace Okwarachukwu and his three sons are all citizens of American.

Presently he is the chairman of Isu Clan Council of Traditional Rulers in Orlu LGA and the chairman South East Association of Christian Traditional Rulers.

Below are his educational qualifications, schools attended as well as businesses.

(1) Denver College, Colorado AA Degree

(2) San Jose State University, Northern California & MBA

Held management positions at GMAC ( General Motors Acceptance Corporation) Sunnyvale California.

Born & raised into the Okwarachukwu Dynasty of Umuna by Late HRH Eze Okwarachukwu III of Umuna Ancient Kingdom.

Company: Chairman & CEO Evergreen Construction & Properties Nig Ltd.

Douglas Douglas Communications Nig Ltd

Happily Married to Ugoeze Grace Okwara

When contacted over the survey result as well as his interest, he made it open that Governor Uzodinma is his old childhood friend and he would give him every support he may need to achieve his aims and objectives for Imo people.

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Imo Politics

Ohanaeze Youth Accuses Okorocha, Ibe Of Inciting IPOB Against Organization



The National President of Ohanaeze Youth Council(OYC), the apex youth body of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka has admonished Mr Chidi Ibe to refrain from making inciting statements capable of causing disunity and disharmony among Igbos.

Igboayaka gave the reprimand after the Council’s stakeholders’ meeting conveyed to x-ray the insultive utterances of Mr Ibe since the emergence of Prof. George Obiozor, as the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

Addressing newsmen in Owerri on Saturday January 23, 2021, the youth leader maintained that Mr. Ibe’s inciting statements against Ohanaeze Ndigbo is emboldened by the sponsorship he enjoys from Senator Rochas Okorocha.

Comrade Igboayaka stated that Rochas Okorocha’s unguarded tirades against Prof. George Obiozor was due to the insinuation and assumption that Prof. Obiozor and Sen. Hope Uzodinma are very close friends, stating that this was Okorocha’s statement at Ogboko when he(Igboayaka) had a meeting with him on the way forward for Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

“It’s obvious that Prof. Obiozor’s ambition to become the president-general of Ohanaeze Ndigbo was not conceived during Sen. Hope Uzodinma’s administration as the former had severally consulted Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha when he was the governor of Imo State.

“Rochas Okorocha wants to anchor his presidential ambition with sentiments on Ohanaeze Ndigbo and IPOB which explains why he was using Chidi Ibe to incite IPOB against the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, to achieve a political sympathy and love from IPOB members,” Igboayaka noted.

“It’s very unfortunate that since the inception of Biafra agitation, many Igbo politicians have used pro-Biafrans to achieve their political selfish interests, and at the end they give pro-Biafra members name. Today, Chidi Ibe and Rochas Okorocha have found a new love in IPOB like Romeo and Juliet, just to project themselves as lovers of the Biafra movement,” Igboayaka stated.

“Were was Rochas Okorocha and Chidi Ibe when IPOB members are being killed and tortured by the security agents, and how many IPOB members did Ibe empower when he was Commissioner in Okorocha’s administration,” Igboayaka queried.

The OYC president stated that Chidi Ibe was using his inciting statements stressed mobilize IPOB for Okorocha’s presidential project, stressing that it is unacceptable for anyone to use his personal ambition to cause crisis with Igbo youths in IPOB.

He decried that the time and resources Okorocha was wasting in court to distract his brother Prof. Obiozor, could be channelled to a substantive adventure that can favour Ndigbo, wondering how at this critical point the Igbos are eaten starkly by leprosy while Rochas Okorocha and Chidi Ibe are busy romancing ringworm.

“Enough of this gimmick and nonsense by desperate Igbo politicians using Ndigbo and Biafra quest to whip up sentiments while in actual sense they are major beneficiaries of looting of Nigeria’s treasury,” Igboayaka warned.

“Ohanaeze Youth Council will not succumb to the politics of divide and rule by Chidi Ibe and his master Sen. Rochas Okorocha in Igbo land, but any patriotic progressive who love Ndigbo should drop his or her personal agenda and earnestly support Prof. Obiozor to build a new Igbo society as he leads the great Igbo race in the next four years,” he concluded.

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Imo Politics

Again, 2018 Sacked Chairmen, Councillors Suffer Frustration – Appeal Court Adjourns Suit to May 2021



While the 2018 sacked chairmen and councilors are still wallowing in pains over series of attempts to return to the Local Governments after their suspension which started during the short term of the Ihedioha led Government to the Uzodinma led administration, the Court of Appeal  Owerri  Division had last Thursday  January 19, gave a long adjournment to May 22 2021.

This is even as the official tenure of the embattled chairmen and councilors would expire August same 2021.

2018 elected chairmen and councilors had dragged the short lived Ihedioha  led Government to the High Court, where they prayed amongst others, for the Court to reinstate them after their illegal suspension by the said Government.

While the suit was still pending in the Court,  Ihedioha was removed as the Governor of Imo state by the Supreme Court and in his place, Uzodinma  took over hence the continuation of the said suit.

Our Reporter who monitored the court process on the said date reported that majority of the sacked chairmen and councilors present at the court were   frustrated when the presiding Judge adjourned the matter to May 22, which is three months to the end of their tenure which is August this year.

Speaking to LEAD NEWSPAPERS, one of the sacked chairmen who would not want his name in print revealed  that  that the best option for the sacked chairmen and councilors was to abandon the ongoing suit at the Court of Appeal  while accusing the court of working in interest of the state Government.

He further pointed out that if the court was not already biased, under no circumstance that a matter of that nature would be adjourned to a long time for a continuation of hearing not even a judgment, he said.

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Imo Politics

Few months to 2023 Primaries: Okigwe zone yet to produce a Senator as Uzodinma, Ibezim Surrender to Supreme court



One year to the build up to the 2023 elections, Imo North is yet to produce a senator to replace their late Senator, Benjamin Uwajumogu.

This is seen as Governor Uzodinma and Senator Araraume have surrendered their battle over the APC candidate for the said election to the Supreme Court which is yet to fix a date to hear the suit following controversies over the APC primaries.

Uwajumogu who died on the 18th December 2018 was buried early 2020 yet the zone has stayed without a senator.

Also Read:Umeadi Vs Uzodinma: Imo PDP Develops Cold Feet Over Delay In Supreme Court

Senator Araraume, one of the contestants to the APC primaries had dragged Ibezim to court, challenging his declaration by INEC as the candidate  of the party.

Few days to the APC primaries, the High Court upturned the candidature of Ibezim and replaced him with Araraume.

In same vain, Ibezim appealed against the lower Court’s judgment and at the Court of Appeal which Araraume appealed against at the Supreme Court.

At the time of filling this report, the Supreme Court has not fixed date to hear the suit between the duo of Araraume and Ibezim.

Some of the stakeholders in the zone have not  ceased to regret the non representation of the zone at the Senate getting to two years after the death of the former Senator, Benjamin Uwajumogu, an act which they described as a set back to the zone.

The situation is more worrisome as INEC has already fixed October 2022 for the primaries ahead of 2023 elections.

The implications of Okigwe having no Representative as its senator include that as the matters are still pending in courts, the tenure of any person that finally gets in as a senator drastically reducing and that would also affect the entire Okigwe Zone and Imo State in general.

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