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Why I dumped visual arts –Broda Shaggi

Fans of comedian and actor, Samuel Perry, popularly known as Broda Shaggi, have often wondered where he gets the energy he exudes from. In an interview with Sunday Scoop, he stated that his liveliness and zest for life were inborn.

He said, “My energy is inborn. It has always been in me. Talent cannot be learnt in any school. I studied Visual Arts at the University of Lagos. But with the situation of things in Nigeria, how many people can afford to buy paintings? I had to find another way.

“Whenever I am on set, I am always happy because I know I am going to work. If I am not on a movie set, I would be on my own set shooting skits. If I am not on set, I would be shooting music videos or writing music.”

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Professing his love for fuji music, Broda Shaggi said, “I am working with Pasuma on a fuji song. Right from my childhood, I have always loved Pasuma and K1 de Ultimate. I love anything that has to do with my culture. That is why I love Yoruba music. I cannot speak Yoruba all the time in my skits because of my audience, which includes fans that don’t speak Yoruba. But in whatever I do, I make sure the Yoruba culture is reflected there.”

Shaggi, who is an ambassador for several brands, also stated that he would keep doing the things the brands saw in him that made them approach him.

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