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Veteran Nollywood actor Victor Decker’s dead body discovered in apartment

Veteran Nigerian actor, Victor Decker, was discovered dead in his apartment yesterday by his neighbours at about 5 pm.

According to the Mayor of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Abuja, Jesse Nazareth, Decker’s neighbours had to break down the door to his apartment before they discovered his lifeless decomposed body seated in his sitting room. 

Be that as it may, Victor Decker died at 72 and the cause of his death is still unknown.

Nazareth said, “Yes, Victor Decker is dead. I am in the mortuary where they want to embalm him. What caused his death is unknown to me. I just received a call that his neighbours did not see him for days so they got concerned. They went to his house, knocked on his door but didn’t receive any feedback so they had to break down the door. That was when they saw him sitting on his chair dead. He was already smelling as he was decomposing. I rushed down there to put the necessary things in order.” 

In addition, she said that several hospitals rejected the body of the late actor because it was already decomposing. 

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“I had to obtain a police report and cars to convey him to a hospital. I took him to several hospitals but they didn’t accept him because his body was already decomposing. At about 3 am this morning, we were referred to a private hospital in Bwari, Abuja, where they accepted his body. This morning, they are embalming his body but they need to first reduce its size as he has swollen.”

Nazareth stated that the late actor’s younger brother was with her, while the rest of his family would join them in the hospital later in the day.  

“His younger brother, Samson Decker, is here with us. He cannot talk to the press at the moment because he is not in the right frame of mind.”

Decker starred in films like Double Strings, If I am President and Lotanna.

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