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Uzodinma’s Priority At Moment Is Fight Against COVID-19

Amidst the unprecedented carnage been wrought globally by the dreaded and deadly killer Pandemic, coronavirus, even as this disease has started killing Nigerians, unleashing a season of fear, anxiety, and even hunger, the Executive Governor of Imo State, His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodinma, has clearly organized his mindset, set out his priorities, and is leading from the front. This leadership and priority are encapsulated in one resolve; the safety of Imo people.

This much has been revealed by the Deputy Governor of Imo State, His Excellency, Prof Placid Njoku while interacting with officials of Hope Alive organization who came on a courtesy visit at his office to intimate the Deputy Governor of the activities of the organization towards complementing the efforts of the Imo state government towards an enhanced public safety response in the face of the dreaded coronavirus.

His Excellency Prof Placid Njoku analyzed the disposition of the Governor to reveal a man devoted to detail, research, planning, and meticulous implementation. These, said the Deputy Governor, has characterized the response of the Imo state government to the outbreak of the pandemic. Not given to too many words, the Governor has been propelled by one obsession…HOW DO WE KEEP NDI IMO SAFE? 

The response to this has had the state think thank respond in a measured and visionary way that has so far held forth and will continue to hold forth as the Governor provides leadership in this time of frightening and gargantuan emergency. These response has included

 1. Setting up of the covid19 action committee led by the global renown virologist, Prof Maurice Iwu to independently analyze the trajectory of the disease, plan, and implement an effective and efficient response

 2. The building and setting up of six states of the art, united nations standard Isolation centers in Imo state.

 3. Aggressive procurement and provision of hand sanitizers and materials to ensure that Imo people embrace the globally acclaimed first-line action in the prevention of the covid19 virus; washing and sanitizing the hands.

 4. Massive enlightenment of the Imo people to embrace measures for personal and communism safety

 5. Lockdown of the state in line with scientific evidence and in-house research which showed that the virus is only transmitted by the movement of people.

 6. Response to the people’s need in a time like this with the procurement and distribution of thousands of tubers of yam, thousands of bags of rice, thousands of cartons of Indomie and other essential food items which have been distributed in the villages since the past one week and even as we speak.

6. The strategic stimulus package has been put in place to safeguard the economy of Imo people.

His Excellency, the Deputy Governor remarked that the state government is focused, not interested in and will never play politics with the lives and welfare of Imo citizens, rather, it’s the sole focus is to lead Imo people to safety and well-being as that is the only way to achieve the mantra of shared prosperity been propagated by His Excellency the Governor.

These actions have had Prof Placid Njoku, the Imo state Deputy Governor physically leading the disbursement of the conditional cash transfers to Imo people, led the distribution and management of tons upon tons of food items, help in the planning and execution of the vision of His Excellency the Governor, and provide succor and stability to the people in a most difficult and trying time.

The Deputy Governor would remind his visitors of his abiding faith and believe in God. Stressing that as a devout and deeply committed catholic, his belief is that the almighty God will bless the efforts of the Governor and protect Ndi Imo at this and all times.

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