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Uzodinma will continue to tame Okorocha

By Ifeanyi Maduako l

The sudden entrance of Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma into the All Progressives Congress (APC) in early 2018 was the day God provided a human savior to Imo State chapter of APC and all Imo People in general.

 If Uzodinma had remained in People’s Democratic Party (PDP), he could have negotiated his way and perhaps returned to the Senate for the third time.
If Uzodinma didn’t defect to APC by the instructions of the Holy Spirit, Okorocha would have had his way in APC by making his son-in-law, Uche Nwosu, the gubernatorial candidate of the Party in the 2019 general election. And, if Uche Nwosu had become the legitimate candidate of APC, he would have gone ahead and won the main election itself.
When Okorocha defied all wise counsel from all quarters which included the Presidency, the national apparatchik of APC, etc, to insist on his son-in-law as his successor, he knew that he had crossed the Rubicon of greed and unmitigated acquisition.

 For him to have dumped and jettisoned the legitimate governorship ambition of his then deputy who  was his right hand man for over 25 years, he knew that, “ogo wu ikwu mmadu”, literally translates, “a son-in-law is more trustworthy than a mere friendship”. Okorocha knew that he went beyond bounds and, therefore, was afraid of every other person in Imo State taking over from him except his son-in-law.
He made the kind of voluminous acquisition and accumulation he did while as governor with concrete belief that his son-in-law would succeed him willy-nilly. He believed that he had conquered Imolites, and no other person could challenge him.

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 He assumed himself to be as big and influential as Chief Ahmed Bola Tinubu of Lagos State who enthrones and dethrones governors at his whims and caprices. But even Tinubu is more intelligent than Okorocha. Tinubu may be the kingmaker of Lagos State politics, but he had never nursed the idea of enthroning his close relatives as governor since he vacated the seat. He could have failed if he had tried that.
If Uche Nwosu had become the legitimate gubernatorial candidate of APC, it would have meant that the Presidency and the APC national headquarters wanted him to succeed his father-in-law. Both seen and unseen forces (apologies to Ngige) would have been deployed to rig him into the office.

If Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) could declare him as the first runner-up (second position) even without the tacit support of the federal government’s apparatus, he would have clinched the first position as the APC candidate with the central government’s support.
Against this background, Imo people should be grateful to Distinguished Senator Uzodinma for making himself available in APC to torpedo and thwart the nefarious plans of Okorocha to foist his family oligarchy on Imo State.

The insinuation in some quarters that Okorocha connived or helped Uzodinma to remove former Governor Emeka Ihedioha from Douglas House through the Supreme Court is blatant falsehood. Did Okorocha tell Uzodinma to collate and keep the results from the 388 polling units which were excluded from computation by INEC? What if Uzodinma didn’t have such results after INEC had declared Ihedioha the winner?

How exactly did Okorocha help Uzodinma retrieve his mandate at the Supreme Court? Every Nigerian especially Imolites still remembers the derogatory names and snide remarks Okorocha made against Uzodinma during the general election with the sole intention  to  pull  him down.

 If Okorocha had the power or the connection to help anybody at the various courts, he would have done so for Senator Ifeanyi Araraume of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) whom INEC declared as the second runner-up (third position).
Throughout Okorocha’s eight years as governor, how many times (if any) did anyone see him on a high table or in any meeting or event with then Senator Uzodinma? Okorocha accompanied Uzodinma to the inauguration ceremony with the belief the he (Uzodinma) would protect his back and not that they were political friends. What Okorocha did penultimate Sunday was unbecoming of a law maker in the enviable rank of a Senator. Would he have tolerated that if he were still the governor of the state?
Ihedioha’s short-lived administration set up various judicial panels of inquiry.

When Governor Uzodinma took over, he retained those panels because they are all Imolites. If Governor Uzodinma had dissolved the panels and set up news ones, he would have been accused of populating the panels with his own men to witch-hunt his political opponents.
Therefore, when Ihedioha’s men submitted their various reports, the current government only embarked on their implementation because government is a continuum.

 How then is Governor Uzodinma witch-hunting Okorocha? Has any member of the panels come out to contradict the state government by saying that they never made such recommendations?
For the records, Okorocha and his sons-in-law were severally invited during the sittings of the panels, but they defiantly shunned the invitations because they assumed that they are above the laws of the land.

When Imo government sealed the Eastern Palm University, Ogboko, he reportedly went there with his private security men and unlocked it.

The government kept quiet and endured the affront to its authority. That must have given Okorocha the courage and impetus to try same affront on the sealed Royal Spring Palm Estate.

 If government of Imo had allowed the forceful unsealing of the Royal Spring Palm Estate by Okorocha as was the case with Eastern Palm University, the affront on the government authority would have continued.

 If Okorocha had any issue with the gazetted White Papers, he should have approached the court of law than taking the laws into his hands.

 What is he teaching the common masses to do if they encounter such a situation if he (a lawmaker) could resort to self help? 

 Governor Uzodinma or Imo government has more recoveries and sealings to make, and they will continue to tame Okorocha.  
Maduako, writes from Owerri (08061562735)  

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