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Uzodinma, The Epitome Of Good Governance- By Eddy Iheanacho

Without sounding controversial, governor Hope Uzodinma (Onwa Oyoko) has within a short time he held sway as the Governor of Imo State, shown and proved that he did not prepare to serve Imo as their governor during the 2019 Governorship polls, but had prepared for the governance years before he even assumed office as a two-time senator for Imo West.

This is predicated and evidenced on some of the spelt-out administration policies which the previous administrations out of fear or favor, paid deaf ears to.

One such policies include his determination to bring to a halt the issue of ghost workers which appears to have defiled and conquered all the previous administrations that none of the former governors could take the bold steps to stop as Uzodinma is doing today.

This hydra-headed ghost workers which some cabals use as a conduit wire to siphon the resources of our dear state can be brought under control but the past administrations for one interest and the other, paid deaf ears to it but Uzodinma today has decided to bring sanity to the system has put measures in place to restore dignity to civil service against the hatred which that may cause him.

Our governor, His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodima (ONWA Oyoko) is one of the best if he is not the best governors that ruled Imo State, based on the short time he is been in power. Onwa is so passionate, so caring and among all, he is ready and so serious to move Imo State forward to the level the Imolites had never experienced before.

Onwa is one hundred percent after Imo State neither after himself nor his relatives, good wellbeing of the State is his concern nothing else. As one can see His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Uzodima is the first noticeable Governor in our State that openly opposed ghost workers. He clearly stressed out that Ghost workers must really die (stopped) for good so things must not continue to exist in Imo State they ways it had been, no more business as usual.

He did this by making it mandatory that all the civil servants (government workers) in the state must update their payroll paperwork which must have their BVN number and must be submitted through their designated ministries heads. Through this method, all the salaries of every civil servant must be paid through bank transfer which means all the wages paid to them every civil servant (government worker) can be tracked down if need be.

Also, for His Excellency to introduce this method, it will not only be for Payroll tracking but it will also save the Imo State government billions upon billions of Naira in the long run.

As well he gives recognition, appreciation, and a sense of belonging to those people who recognitions are due. For example, recognizing and appreciating the judges with SUVs vehicles is a normal, nothing wrong with it, it is just an incentive to motivate them to work harder and again it gives them a sense of belonging being part the three arms of the government, that is Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, Onwa tump up.

If I were to say, His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodima, our God-given Governor don’t believe in spending extravagantly he believes on how he can create more revenues for the State, so this way the state can always have enough fund available to be running day to day business of the state.

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