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Tips On Achieving Mental Well-being

Sleep: Sleep is very important for one’s mental and general well-being. Sleep time required for each individual varies depending or the stage of life. For newborn 16 – 18 hours, 3 – 5 years, 10 – 12 hrs. Adults: 7 – 8 hrs, Elderly: less than 7 – 8 hrs. Besides the hours of sleep, the quality of sleep is very important. One needs to feel refreshed after sleep or the sleep was not good enough irrespective of the hours.

Contrary to general belief sleep is not a time the body shuts down. There are still biological activities that go on during sleep as evidenced by electroencephalographic studies. Growth hormones and prolactin are released during sleep. So sleep promotes; Growth: Particularly important for growing children. Energy conservation as body metabolism is reduced during sleep memory consolidation. Sleep reinforces learning and memory. Unneeded memory is removed, brain development. Deprivation of sleep can lead to a psychological breakdown.

Talk: Talk is good when it is focused. Learn to talk about your feelings. Lack of a confiding relationship is recognized as a poor prognostic factor in treating mental illness.

Eat well: Ensure your diet is balanced. Keep in touch: It is good to touch base with friends and love ones. This makes you feel induced and cared for.

Keep in touch: It is good to touch base with friends and loved ones. This makes you feel included and care for.

 Take a break: While holidays are important you need to also take a break within the day. It could be for just 5minutes while you just rest your head on a desk.

Accept who you are: There is a uniqueness about each of us discover yours and develop it and people will start envying you.

Keep Active: Physical and mental activities release hormones that make you feel good. Idleness is definitely detrimental to your self-esteem, helps you concentrate, sleep better look, and feel good. It keeps the brain and other vital organs active.


Topic: A wall of protection

Text: Ecclesiastes 10–8 AMP ‘He who digs a pit (for others) will fall into it and whoever breaks through a fence (or) a stone wall a serpent will bite him.

 As God’s child there’s a wall of protection around you. That wall was put there by the Lord but you can strengthen or weaken it with your words. The job was a blessed man. The Lord had put a wall of protection around him and his household, so no matter how hard the devil tried he couldn’t get him. But Job broke this wall by thinking and saying the wrong things.

Therefore, always speak words of faith and strength to yourself and the people around you. This way your wall of protection will stay up. And it will stand strong.


No weapon can harm me. The Lord is my protector.

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