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The Government has politicised its fight against insecurity – Wike

The Governor of the good people of Rivers State, Governor, Nyesom Wike, has said that the Federal Government is not sincere in its fight against corruption and insecurity in Nigeria.

Speaking on a Channels Television’s Politics programme on Sunday, made this known, that the government has politicised its fight against insecurity.

He said, “First, you have to ask yourself, is the Federal Government sincere? Are they serious about making sure that there is security in all the states? If you ask me I would say No”.

“We must realise when people joke about politics. The Federal Government is not sincere about security. What I am saying today is not new but again, one has to speak up, to say this is not the way the country must move.”

The Governor cried, that the Federal Government is not on their toes to tackle security threats in that various states of the country, adding that the community policing efforts of the Federal Government was a charade.

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Wike said, “Our concern is to make sure they provide security for this country. That is what they would say. Now, how have they made sure they made provision for the security of lives and property in each state, for us to have confidence and trust in the government?

“Take for example, we came up with a proposal to say, in order to help the security forces who are incapacitated in terms of manpower, we came up with a neighbourhood watch to give intelligence to help us to work. That was the decision of the Security Council, not my decision, nor the party’s decision.

“The assembly approved it. We went ahead to appoint people who are retired security officers. We wrote to the army, SSS, and to the police to make sure they profiled those who have applied to help in terms of security and they all certified them.

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“It did not only end there, we also wrote to NYSC to use its camp ground for training, so that it will not be recorded or look like we were training militants. They agreed, as the police and the SSS were involved. But the former Chief of Army Staff, General (Tukur) Buratai sent his men from the state division to make sure that it never took place and to arrest and detain all of them.

“The army has so much involved in politics. So, I cannot believe that the Federal Government is serious about community policing. That is politics and I don’t want anybody to mislead me, or deceive me.”

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