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The golden pen by Austin Okoro

How Brig. Gen.  Egwu AGU (RTD) Returned Adapalm Back To Life After Decades Of Moribund

…As Retrenched Workers Heave Sigh Of Relief

For over a decade Adapalm Nigeria Limited, the Nigeria palm producing giant was committed to a perpetual moribund by the past military and civilian administrations in Imo State. Meanwhile, Adapalm Nigeria Limited which ought to have been one of the biggest Imo State employers of labor as more than the reverse was the case due to bad government and poor management strategy in the company.

In the past, promises were made by our politicians during electioneering campaigns on how to bring sinew to the company but at the end, it became just like a lover’s promise In the heat of passion that will be dropped and forgotten immediately after the joyous passion recedes itself, individual Selfish Political leaders leveraged on the ailing condition of Adapalm to allocate palm fruits bunches to themselves for express servicing of this private oil palm milling outfit to the detriment of the host communities, the duo of Ohaji/Egbema Oguta LGA and the rest of Imo State, this was the condition the company has found herself over the past decade.

 Against this backdrop, the Company’s machines were rusted, workers were retrenched and state revenue declined thereby paving ways for unemployment, hunger, hardship, and criminality prevailing over the life of the workers and mostly to the host communities.

However, the status quo wasn’t the same. When His Excellency Dist. Senator Hope Uzodinma took over the mantle of leadership in Imo State. As usual, he gave the lukewarm former Board a pink envelope for a new Vivacious Board under the headship of Brig. Genera Kalu Egwuagu (Rtd) to chart a way forward for the dilapidating giant.

A General is always a General anywhere, anyplace and anytime. But as often said Any dog that often bites seldom barks.

Meanwhile, little did Imo people know that the reticent tactically intelligent Military General has a magic wand to transform the serially abandoned and dilapidated company into a productive and a revenue-generating giant for our dear Imo State in less than sixty (60) corona virus-ridden   days. Thanks to Hope Uzodinma’s Good radiance to bad rubbish and kudos to BRG. GEN AK EGWUATU led Board Government.

More so, today, the ailing company is back to life and about to commence milling and comprehensive allied palm production. It did not stop at that The General in line with the 3RS policy of Uzodinma’s Government renovated and furnished Adapalm’s administrative building abandoned since the military took over Civilian’s Government on the 31st of December 1983, for the sake of effective and efficient policies, programs formulation, Coordination of human and material resources planning, implementation and actualization of the company’s goals and aspiration, Hence assuring the retrenched workers of Adapalm Nig. Ltd. of His Excellency Distn, Sen. Hope Uzodinma’s readiness to bring them back to work soon.

On the other hand, The General is opening up intra access routes within the plantation to fast track the harvest of palm trees which have been abandoned in the hands of hoodlums feast and favour over the decades, for the increase in productivity and absolute reduction of theft in the company.

According to Chief Akopunwanne, this is a landmark achievement for the administration of His Excellency Dist. Sen. Hope Uzodinma as this is the first time in history,  Adapalm will be revived without commitment to any form of internal or external debt.

Finally, the  Chairman,   Bridg.  Gen. A.K Egwuagu  (Rtd)  assures Imolites, that in less than three(3) years of operation, Adapalm Nigeria Limited’s revenue for Imo State Government will surpass the one of all Oil Mult-National Companies Operating in Imo State put together.

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