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The Die Is Cast For Lawman Duruji.

Written by Engr.  Francis Njoku

Calumny may defame but the truth will go forth boldly and independently. One can not help but phantom the recent media reports circulating against the personality,  character and attainment of the honorable speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly Rt. Honorable Chiji Collins. This recent unguarded rascality has resulted in a judicious move to once and for all settle scores and proves that every action has an equal or opposite even greater reaction.

Who is Lawman Duruji?  Simply put he is the one crying for out of court settlement,  claiming his words even with concrete evidence on selected newspapers are no longer his but that of the devil. He is now resorting to every diplomatic means to end what he felt was a casual word from his mouth forgetting that for every idle word,  you will give an account of it not just in the hereafter but in the court of law.

It was on November 16th, 2019 that Lawman Duruji’s life changed forever. The Court of Appeal sitting in Owerri nullified his election as Imo lawmaker, Lawman Duruji, as the member representing Ehime Mbano constituency in Imo State House of Assembly time in the hallowed house was over,  a place designated for only Honorable people.

His frustration affected his mentality and ever since then his line of reasoning is geared towards nonsense.

Lawman Duruji deserves our prayers for good Lord to redeem him from his predicament. If not for such divine intervention he may start questioning the paternity of his posterity.

In the history of Imo State modern politics,  it is difficult to find a more worthy Son who will lead the legislative process of the house than the current speaker.

 A man whose academic glory accompanies humility.

His love for the people of Imo State whose servant he is with full commitment had no bounds.

 A man who has witnessed at different stages the intervention of the Nation’s supreme court on the gubernatorial outcome and was able to steady the system without resorting to collapse.

I am humbled to serve under him as a Special Assistant,  to learn the due process of law, and to respect the various arms of government. I, therefore, will not stand and watch without action on my part to see his name and prestige ridiculed by cheap propaganda and attention seekers. Most annoying is that this recent brouhaha is even coming from one from the same zone. I am remain loyal to my Boss and I know that his decision to seek legal redress is better,  wiser than engaging in media gymnastics.

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