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Summer Nwokie Bags Igbo Natl Stakeholders, Award

High chief Nwokie Vitus Summer, the Akaji Ikuku  1, of Mbaise Nation has bagged the highly prestigious international PATRONSHIP merit award of the famous lgbo social-cultural body know as IGBO NATIONAL STAKEHOLDERS ASSEMBLY (INSA) WORLDWIDE.

The award which nomination was conveyed to him recently in a letter signed by the state chairman of INSA, Hon Ben Anochie, is in recognition of the ikuku  Mbaise’s doggedness, unparalleled philanthropy, assistance to the vulnerable, the Widowed, less privileged one’s and the downtrodden.

The letter further explained that the honour was necessitated in view of  the  chief’s charismatic and noble disposition, service to God and humanity, his pleasant nature as an amazing personality, unassuming character, humility and uncommon civility.

INSA during its courtesy visit to Akaji Ikuku 1 of Mbaise on the 26th of September at his country home Ezeagbogu, recalled through the state chairman Hon Ben Anochie that via a dint of hard work, perseverance, and honesty, high chief summers Vitus Nwokie has since risen from grass to grace, having dwarfed even those who started a life long before his birth.

He added that for the one who started  as a shoe-making apprentice at Ariaria Market Aba  shortly after his WAEC at Ezeagbogu secondary school Ezinihitte Mbaise to have eventually gone  further in his academic pursuit at the prestigious Oxford University in Great Britain after he single-handedly trained himself at the Eastern University, Philippines, where he garnered his first degree in Business Management,  must be an exceptional and extraordinary brilliant individual.

It can only be imagined that after a master’s degree (MSC) in public policy at the world’s most renowned university, Oxford, the noble chief summer Nwokie, in a bid to satisfy his burning quest and hunger for higher education and maximum knowledge further proceeded to the University of Sedona, Arizona in the USA, where he obtained a doctorate degree in philosophy, metaphysics and theocentric psychology.

Only a man with the Midas touch can confront academics the way Ikuku Mbaise did and remain unscathed. Most of those who left the shores of lmo state nay Nigeria for the golden fleece ended up naturalizing and abandoning home. High chief summer Vitus Nwokie, the Akaji Ikuku 1, Mbaise gburu gburu was an exception and a complete departure from the complete complacency of our intellectual properties.

Though he has chains of his businesses in most cities of the world, he did not forget to establish the corporate Headquarters of his business empire in Nigeria. Though he started and continue his industrial businesses over the shores of this country as a diaspora student which accounts for his perfecting different hard works, he has since risen as a successful and great industrialist known for his professionalism, excellence and prominence.

The High chief is imbued with excess energy and capacity to plan, organize, supervise, co-ordinate, and surprise people with his weird and exotic business concept and skills. In the words of the Director of communications and strategy, IGBO NATIONAL STAKEHOLDERS ASSEMBLY (INSA), comrade Agu Diamond Bryan, he described the business mogul cum philanthropist as a rare gem, a man with a benevolent heart enveloped with milk of human kindness, taciturn in nature but superlatively gifted with both native wisdom and Intellectual proficiency. The theocentric psychologist is not only chairman, Managing director, and proprietor of ECC Jean’s Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, and Bangladesh, he is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Nwokei & pharmaceuticals in the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Laos.

In his quest to further sanitize Nigeria (Nolly wood & Artists industry), Sports, Games sector etc, he later established Nwokei Media Nigeria Ltd through which he engages mostly Igbo younger generation in talent hunts, sponsors Nigeria actors /actresses in film shoting and production.

Chief Ikuku is also the chairman and MD of Jupiter money, New York, USA. As a chieftaincy titleholder, it was not lost on High chief Vitus summers Nwokie, that he owns his community and the entire Mbaise his servitude. It is in recognition of his human capacity development prowess, that several communities within the Mbaise Nation took a decision to collectively install on the renowned psychologist the traditional title Akaji ikuku 1,Agbara kaibeya 1, Aka ekpuchi onwa 1, chisara-okwu 1, among many others. As an industrialist and employer of Labour, he has bagged several awards such as Entrepreneur of the year 2018 in Philippines, Mayor of Enyimba City Aba, Ezinwawere Ihe, olu owerri unity Association, ENPA patron etc.

The epoch event for the prestigious international merit award decoration of High chief summer as the PATRON, lgbo National Stakeholders Assembly (INSA) will take place at the prestigious Rock View Hotels on the 7th of November 2020. Dignitaries from across the world are expected to grace the conferment including governors, senators, businessmen, captains of industry etc.

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