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By Emma Chukwu

On Monday this week, the National Newsbreak newspaper carried a story with the headline “Owerri Zone APC leaders blast Chavon’.

Ordinarily, one would have chosen to ignore the nonsense written by the said newspaper, but considering the personality of Prince Charles Amadi and the height he has attained in politics, it is very important to set the record straight, so that the public is not mislead to accept that newspaper publication as true.

First and foremost, it is very necessary to know who Prince Charles Amadi (CHARVON’) is. Prince Amadi is a great and Noble son of Ikeduru, an oil magnet, politician and philanthropist who has been outstanding in every effort to make Owerri Zone great.

Prince Amadi no doubt is not a person to be insulted on the pages of Newspaper without a reaction from those who know him as great son of Ikeduru and Imo who has paid his dues in the political story of the state.

To call this noble son of Owerri zone a blackmailer and betrayer are, to say the least a condemnable label undeserving of a person of high integrity like him.

It could only be interpreted as a futile attempt by political attention seekers to say such things.

By every standard Prince Amadi cannot be justifiably described as a blackmailer and betrayer who will stand in the way of the progress of Owerri zone.

Therefore it is a total show of disrespect for Dr. Ekechi or Chief Obiyo to say unpleasant things on a man who has stood for APC.

The position of TOE EKECHI and Chief Obiyo cannot be said to be the position of leaders of the party from Owerri Zone. The State party chairman, Prince Marcellinus Nlemigbo and the apex leader, Prince Lemmy Akakem spoke glowingly of Prince Amadi and majority supported them, therefore such uncomplimentary remarks of minority have no effect whatsoever. 

Lest we forget, Prince Amadi contributed largely to the victory of APC in Ikeduru that the People’s Democratic Party PDP, lost ground, not minding the presence of national figures of the party from Ikeduru. Why on earth should any right thinking man from the zone cast aspersion on the integrity of a man like Prince Amadi?

Where were they when Prince Amadi donated one million naira each to APC candidates for House of Assembly and Federal House of Reps candidates who were for Hope Uzodinma during the election?

Prince Amadi has been a strong supporter of the Uzodinma government and he has not done it with double mind. He has remained in the state to ensure that the Uzodinma government succeeds. Therefore, what is wrong if he is made the chairman of the reception to be organized for Governor Uzodinma?

Again where were they when Prince Amadi stood behind Uzodinma to reclaim his mandate? Time has come for reason to prevail. 

Prince Amadi being the Chairman of the reception is in recognition of how strongly he has stood behind the Uzodinma government.

While it would be childish to make financial comparison as to how much he has or does not have, evidence on ground shows a man of strong financial means long before Okorocha emerged as governor. His financial contributions to pro- Uzodinma project cannot be ignored by any sincere son or daughter of Owerri zone and Imo State.

For anyone to question the qualification of CHAVON to be the Chairman of a reception party for Uzodinma amounts to veiled attempt to put the government in bad light.

For the purpose of education, anybody supporting APC should endeavour to be close to the government of the day without paying loyalty from a distance. Politics of bitterness should be eschewed and Prince Amadi does not play that kind of politics.

A man of Prince Amadi’s integrity should not in any manner be castigated by anyone who has the interest of the Uzodinma government at heart.

Prince Amadi is not a betrayer, but a great son of Owerri zone who has staked fortunes to promote the progress of Owerri zone and Imo State and he should not be attacked in the manner done by the promoters of the media attack. It was high time politics of integrity is played and accord respect to the man who deserves respect.

Prince Charles Amadi is a loyal party man who has the following to be reckoned with.

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