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States, where children are kidnapped, should shut down in protest – Soyinka

– State where kidnapping of children takes place should shut down in protest

Prof. Wole Soyinka, on Saturday, said from henceforth, any state where the kidnapping of children takes place should shut down in protest against the evil act.

Soyinka also advised other neighboring states, as a matter of solidarity, to join the affected states to shut down.

He made the statement, shortly after an award lecture and public presentation of his new book, ‘Chronicles of the happiest people on Earth,’  in Abeokuta, Ogun State. The programme was organized by the Association of Nigerian Authors, Ogun State chapter, in collaboration with the Abeokuta Club.

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Recently, over 300 schoolgirls were kidnapped on Friday in Zamfara, while 27 students were also abducted in Kagara, Niger State, but released over a week later.

Prof. Wole Soyinka who lamented that the government and security agencies had failed Nigerians, said he didn’t know what else to recommend as a panacea to the nation’s “abnormal times.”

Soyinka added that such abductions were unacceptable and “drastic, meaningful measures” must be taken in unison.

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He said, “I think we are reaching the point where, in any state, where any child is kidnapped, that state should shut down completely. And other states, in solidarity, should at least shut down some of their activities.  It sounds extreme but, we don’t know what else one can propose at this particular time. Yes, life must go on but even those activities will generate and enhance our very existence.

“I think we have to take on a tonality of regrets, of the unacceptable, protestation and mobilization on whatever level it is possible as a community of human beings.

‘‘We shouldn’t wait for an enemy, faceless, airborne, unpredictable enemy like COVID to make us shut down. In protest and as a statement of the unacceptable, we are shutting ourselves down until this situation is resolved.”

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