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SSA Students Affairs hails Uzodinma At Independence

Hon Franklyn the SSA to the Governor on students affairs recently congratulated the Governor of Imo Dist Senator Hope Uzodinma Governor of Imo State and President of Nigeria president Mohammed Buhari on the just concluded 60th Independent that Nigeria celebrated.

In his speech to the newsman, he said that Nigeria has done a lot by the bridges, railways, and the seaport at Anambra, and also the corruption which the president has been fighting within the 36 states of the federation. Said that in Imo State has tried with the pensions, salaries, roads and stopping the fraud which the past administrations cost on salaries, he also stated that base on the payment of salaries to those who are yet to receive theirs are those who have refused to support their BVN for proper checking before payment.

As the SSA on student affairs, he said that school resumption is a necessary thing because the facilities to curtail the COVID-19 Pandemic is fully around in all the schools in Imo State.

He also thanked the Governor of Imo State Dist. Senator Hope Uzodinma for the 3rd phase of palliatives he distributed to 27 local Government Area saying that God shall continue to give him more wisdom and all his appointees to rule aright, and take Imo State to the highest level. In his plea, to parents on school resumption, he said that students should not stay at home while teaching is going because they should make use of this term judiciously, and also pray that God should provide for parents in making sure that their children go back to school.

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