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Senator demands drastic action against Buhari regime

THE Senator representing Osun East, Francis Fadahunsi, has called on the Senate to do something drastic in order to end the security challenges facing the country.

He said since the “Senate has the power to install and remove”, there was the need for the upper chamber of the National Assembly to do the needful if the security situation in the country did not improve.

According to a video clip obtained on Wednesday, Fadahunsi, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, spoke while contributing to a debate on security challenges on the floor of the Senate.

He said, “Every day, we will continue to rise up for one minute. It is sad. I think if we continue to count the catalogue of what has happened, we will not leave this place today.

“Something drastic must be done when the government cannot maintain security again. Economy problem is mounting; then something drastic must be done.

“The Senate must do its work. We have the power; we can install, we can remove. If it means we have to look at that clause, we have to sit down and talk in executive meeting and harmonise and do it the way we should do it.

“If not, one day, we will sit down here and one boy will carry AK-47, everybody will run away and some of us who could be able to use Amotekun clause, we can run away but a few of us may not be lucky. Are we going to wait for that time before we will take a decision?”

Fadahunsi regretted that state governors had been going round to pay condolence visits on one another because of the security challenges in their respective states.

The federal lawmaker said if government cannot address the challenges, it should quit.

He added, “All the northern governors ran to Zamfara the other time, the next day, they killed a lot of people in Zamfara.

“The governors in their own states pay condolences to one another; is that the life Nigerians must live?

“So, Mr President, something drastic must be done to make government sit down or government should quit so that at least, we will have a new lease of life.

“If the government has failed to protect us, then the Senate should be able to do the needful. What are we waiting for? Is it until when all of us die, then we will go and do it in heaven? I don’t want us to regret.”

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