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Ruby Emele Extols Uzodinma On 100 Days

The Imo state Governor, His Excellency, Sen. Hope Uzodinma has been commended for his leadership qualities, visions and achievements in his one hundred days in office, this commendation was given to him by the special adviser to the Governor on Bureau for Local Government Areas, Hon. Lady Ruby Emele,  while speaking to newsmen recently.

Hon.Emele said that the state Governor has done very in this short period of his hundred-day in office, pointing out that, reforms is an ongoing thing, adding that this administration will make the state better than they met it, according to her enough have been put in place to see that the local government areas are what they supposed to be as the third tier of the government.

She further stated that they have tried to reorient the local government officials, change their mentality, for them to understand that the local government areas need to situates developments that will touch the grass root. Adding that a lot of data collection is on the ground now, to enable the government to know those who are unemployed and their educational qualifications and fashion out the real areas of employment for the people.

Hon.Emele, noted with dismay that, the state is facing economic meltdown, occasioned by the global coronavirus pandemic and what is happening in the crude oil market, the crude oil price is below the benchmark, according to her, this administration is building the mentality of the people for them to realize that this is the time to do all they can to increase the state’s internally generated revenues because the allocations that come from the federal government are not enough.

Speaking further, she pointed out that, the IGR is the most critically important area for the sustainability of the state, adding that, they are building it up, to see if it can get to the level where IGR can take care of the required expenditures of the state, noting that one can not develop without funds and that’s why they are working on the area of the IGR, partnering with the state before the pandemic just hit the world. Even as she commended the governor for sending palliatives to local government areas and also sensitizing them on ways to protect themselves and stay safe from the deadly coronavirus. Adding that, the Governor also sent new security vehicles and ambulances down to all the twenty-seven local government areas of the state with a Combination of security agencies to ensure the safety of lives and properties of the people across the LGAs of the state and that is the fundamental function of the governor.

Hon. Emele, further commended the state government on the way he is handling road projects, retaining some contractors from the past administration and awarding new ones, before the sudden hit of covid19, maintaining that, Governor Uzodinma showed his willingness to move the state towards sustainable development and get the state to economic self-reliance, adding that a lot is being done and by the grace of God, once the pandemic is over, the state we witness massive developments. Because according to her data of dilapidated schools and health centers are being collected in all the wards of the local government areas. She, therefore, call on Imo people to support this administration, because according to her, the state Governor, Sen. Uzodinma is a leader with great leadership skills and qualities, he will take the state to a greater level.

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