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Reporters Diary Diplomat’s Pen: Araraume Stands Tall!

By Chinyochaobi Isreal Uhegbu

Okigwe Senate Ranking Seat: Any Representation Short Of A Ranking Status, Reduces Okigwe To An errand-boy In The Red Chamber!

I plead with Senator Araraume to spare the time for Okigwe. I so move the motion! Okigwe Zone, the good people of Okigwe Zone, that the Imo North Senatorial Zone, will be undoing herself if she sends to the Red Chamber at Abuja, any representative that is below the rank of the departed distinguished Senator Benjamin Uwajumogu of the blessed memory. No sentiment attached. Every Okigwe Son and Daughter is eminently qualified but this period calls for Okigwe LOOKING AT A BIGGER PICTURE.

Each time I remember what Okigwe is to loose if an errand-boy Senator is sent to the red chamber. Take it, leave it, Orlu is leading Imo State in a 3-Governorship relay race. Here, the issue of Zoning has crashed, Okigwe is always, where they are, if not for Senator Araraume who has remained resolute to ensure that Okigwe is not humiliated all these years.

Okigwe needs a strong voice. Okigwe needs a liberal democrat. Okigwe needs an unselfish representative. Okigwe needs to resend one of her bests to complete the RANKING SEAT with a RANKING member. This is as simple as ABC.

You do not need a soothsayer to tell you that. Imo is pleading for strong voices at the Senate. APC as at now, South East wise, needs a greater voice. I do join patriotic citizens of Okigwe to plead with the AGU Isiebu to go back there for south East interest. I do share with all the views canvassed by friends and supporters of Senator Ifeanyi Araraume to plead that “the reality on the ground is that Okigwe Zone has lost almost six years and we are yet again set to lose another four or even eight years if we send a fresh hand out of sentiments to Abuja.

We the friends and supporters of Senator Ifeanyi Araraume and every progressive-minded son and daughter of Okigwe Zone and beyond strongly believe that due to the situation we find ourselves today in Okigwe, we need an experienced hand, an ‘aka Ochie’ to bring Okigwe back on track and hand over to a new bird desirous to represent his people to start learning from where Senator Ifeanyi Araraume stops.

There is no gainsaying that Okigwe and the entire Imo and South East will be home and dry if the most distinguished Senator goes in to strengthen the APC lacuna in the South East. The pressure is there, the need is there, the time is now. The time to galvanize the South East for the upcoming South East or the Nigerian presidency of the Igbo extraction, will be better negotiated and ratified if men, I do mean if honest men, visionary patriots of Senator Araraume standing form part of this lofty dream.

Okigwe Senate Seat: Apc South, East Should Look Up To Agu Isiebu Senator Ifeanyi Godwin Araraume.

As the need of the moment calls for a Senator Araraume to spare the time for synergy with south East Governors and its eminent stakeholders to save the Zone. Personal opinion, please. Politics is about interest. Take it. Leave it. APC egg heads mourned the sudden loss of Imo, under with transpired previously. Let’s stop at that.

The issue of Okigwe North and South may not play out. If a proper debate is organized, the North of Okigwe will defeat that of the South. One may argue the geographical areas of a  Distinguished Senator Sylvester Anyanwu, Senator Mathew Nwagwu, Senator Benjamin Uwajumogu of the blessed memory. It may be seen or argued that 3 or more Senators are coming from one block as against the next.

Can we stretch the debate further? But ladies and gentlemen, once the chips are down, political interest must play out. Whether it is late Senator Ben Uwajumogu’s sister, or sibling or whoever in Okigwe or Obowo Axis, politics is an all-comers affair. It is NDORONDORO, Not NYERENYERE. Every Okigwe son or daughter is free to represent or replace late senator Ben Uwajumogu from Obowo, Onuimo, Mbano, Okigwe, Ihitte-Uboma or Isi-ala Mbano.

The battle line is where or who captures the fancy of the APC egg-heads. Nobody should think that Mr. President Muhammadu Buhari is not a politician. And that he is not interested in Okigwe Senate Seat. Mr. President, as usual, will request the Imo Incumbent Governor to deliver whoever that is for Okigwe Senate Seat to APC South East.

These are the Trigonometrical, Arithmetical, Algebraic, Quadratic reasons sentimentalism should never be attached to post Uwajumogu Senate Seat for Okigwe Zone. APC must go for her interest. Take it. leave it. If anyone is interested in this seat, he or she must be fully prepared. APC prayed for their interest in the time for the just concluded Governorship. Opportunity called. They seized it. Don’t blame APC. Don’t envy APC.

This is because politics is the conspiracy to seize power legally, It is all-comers affairs. it is the ability to take power. Power is not given. it is taken. Don’t relax there thinking that anybody will donate, give or dash power to you… DONALD Tramp took it. JOKO WIDODO (Indonesia) took it. Narendra Modi (India) took it. Angela Merkel (Germany) took it. Emmanuel Macron (France) took it. IDI Amin, Sankara, Sadam Hussein, Syrian strongman, Iranian strong man, Benjamin Netanyahu, Muhammadu Buhari Paul Biya, all took power by-election a la democracy or a la force Militaire.

The bottom line is that APC will support whoever is chosen to go up to the Red Chambers for Okigwe Zone. For me, Araraume is the man!

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