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Reporters Diary By Chinyochaobi Isreal Uhaegbu

A Master Stroke From Mr. President!

Araraume Signals His Arrival At The National Politics!! Senator Araraume Shines At The Presidency!!

As President Buhari honors him. Sir Barr. Emma Nwosu is the man as the Federal Commissioner in the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) Board. The Board Membership for Barr. Emma Nwosu is an innovative step for Imo and the South East. This is a very strong voice and impetus.

It must be remembered that the significant age-long friendship between the Duara born Mr. President Buhari and the Agu Isiebu, started and am sure – one day. Remember also that these two nationalists shared the same vision as the then chieftains of ANPP. Buhari was the then National Leader while Senator Araraume was the Imo State Chairman of the party. That was then. Am I communicating?

Ladies and gentle Ndi Imo, for this singular gesture from Mr. President to his friend and party man, Imo and South East are at an advantage.  Thanks to the personal endorsement by Mr. President in a letter he signed to the Senate President, distinguished Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan, asking for expeditious consideration and confirmation of the appointments. Senator Araraume is once more vindicated as being one man close to the seat of Abuja power. Senator Araraume deserves to be honored judging from his humility, sacrifices to the party, loyalty to Mr. President, and to the party eggheads in the national power equation. He has received a dignified waiver to return to his former party APC fold, and hopefully, fate will favor him this time, assisting, Mr. President to re-tool and re-invigorate the economy of the nation. Senator’s patience, doggedness, hopefully, will be rewarded as our great future expectations are not in doubt. This is one big step to a bigger picture. A silent achiever and one not given to noise making. The appointment of Sir Barr. Emma Nwosu is a strong message to doubting Thomases of the strength, network, game-changing concept, reach, capacity, and influence of the man of the future. ON RMAFC – what is it all about and what’s our (Imo and South East) take?

RMAFC was established by Decree No 49 of 1989(now an act of National Assembly) to handle revenue allocation and Fiscal matters on a continuous basis. Decree No 49 of 1989 was later amended by Decree No 99of 1993 (RMAFC Act Cap R7 LFN 2004) The Commission was thus renamed Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission(RMAFC) in the 1990 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under section 153(1) as one of the fourteen(14) Federal Executive Bodies.

The Federation account is a common pool from which revenues generated into it are shared among the three tiers of Government. The mandate of the commission statutorily is to:

–    Monitor all accounts into and disbursement of revenue from the Federal account.

–     Advise the Federal and State Governments on Fiscal efficiency and methods by which their revenues can be increased and also determine the remuneration appropriate for political office holders including the president, vice president, governor, deputy governors, ministers, commissioners, special advisers, legislators. The revenues are expected from Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) and Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), etc. their mandate is to ensure that all revenues accruable into the Federation’s account are collected, properly accounted for and paid into this account.

In accordance with the provision of section 154(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999(as amended), Mr. President Buhari forwarded to the Senate for confirmation of names of seasoned Nigerians as RMAFC Commissioners: Salamatu Mohammed Bala(Adamawa), Hon. Alfred Egba (Esq.)Bayelsa, Alh. Adamu Shettima Yuguda Dibal. Borno. Barr. Sir Emma Nwosu, Imo State. Oyadele Semiu Gboyegal, Osun State. Bello Abubakar Wamako, Sokoto. Ahmed .A. Yusuf, Taraba. As you can see, there is zonal balancing.

Mr. Buhari’s benchmarks: Nigerians of strong character, transparent and accountable eggheads. He needed men of trust, passion, patriotism, and nationalism. He needed men who can work in synergy and who will meet the expectations for the critical period of this moment. Mr. President needs them expeditiously. BUHARI’S STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK IN PUTTING THE NIGERIAN ECONOMY IN A STRONG SHAPE AND LAYING A POST BUHARI STRONG-ECONOMIC-BASE. The seven-man RMAFC-TEAM, carefully selected is what my good friend Anver Versi do baptize as the “RIGHT-SKILL SETS” – The right people are in the right positions: Legal minds to interpret the RMAFC legal frameworks, financial gurus, statisticians, management experts, gifted policy formulators, system analysts, organizational first elevens and what have you. What this team is called to achieve is a positive result for the overall interest of the nation. There is going to be a display of performance and results. The Federation’s account is a common pool, from which revenue generated into it is then shared among the three tiers of Government. The Commission is to monitor all account and to disburse the revenue from the Federation’s account. The job of the Commission is not only sensitive but strategic to national economic growth and development. If there is a poor common pool, it affects the respective recipients, and where the pool is buoyant, the recipients are encouraged to advance their respective envisaged projects. What Mr. President presumably faced was “how to advise selection and appointment criteria that are function-based, i.e how to appoint executives whose skill-sets match the functional requirements. What is more important for someone in his position-great culinary ability or strong leadership that can drive a team to excellence over a pressured period and does so day in day out? Great cooks are plentiful, but successful chefs are rare – and successful chefs are not necessarily great cooks – they employ great cooks!!

President Mohamadu Buhari is a successful chef. He employs great cooks. Sir Barr. Emma Nwosu is a great cook. He is coming from a successful chef. Senator Araraume is a very successful chef. A man who by dint of hard work, resilient spirit, and indomitable – will power, has developed and nurtured an economic empire for close to 6,000 jobs created for Nigerians and beyond the ECOWAS sub-region. He cannot fail in any team selection. He has the trust and confidence of Mr. President. In the seventh senate of which he successfully played the significant roles in the Senate Committee on debt-recovery, his impute anywhere; any time will assist Mr. President to drive the national economic challenges, especially in any post-COVID-19 economic recovery. This is the take away from Mr. President’s gesture.

To my good brother, Sir Barr. Emma Nwosu, I am very much elated on hearing you’re being considered worthy to be a part of this selected team to represent Imo and the South East in the RMAFC. In the first place, you have demonstrated followership, patience, resilience, pro-activity and faith in your principal come run, come sun, come failure, come loss; in the valleys and in the victorious mountains. What I wish you, is what I wish myself and wish thousands of our compatriots. Your reach, the legal mindset will be an added asset to this RMAFC. You will deliver on your presidential mandate. Imo is very lucky to have you in this position because you are passionate about Imo State all along. You will serve Imo and southeast diligently. You are passionate about President Buhari’s successful administration. I am part of this success story and my pen, my prayers, and my energy are to be deployed to support the RMAFC initiative. To Buhari, our amiable Presido-GRACIAS!!!

Chinyochaobi Israel Uhuegbu


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