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Repatriation Of Almajiris By Governors Is Inhumane


The repatriation or whatever diplomatic name best suits the forced relocation of Almsjiris from one State to another in this period of coronavirus crisis depicts the governors who authorized such action, as not just wicked, but daft.

How would such governors had felt, if countries all over the world had started repatriating Nigerian citizens, who may be illegal immigrants, homeless menial workers, or even criminals, in this period of a global health emergency?

One of the key features in the fight against the spread of the virus is the ban on inter-state movements across most countries affected by the Covid-19. How come, our governors are seeing the movement of Almsjiris – one of the clearest evidences of their failures – as essential at this time?

You can accuse these alamajiris of any kind of crime or vices, but you cannot definitely accuse them of being responsible for importing the virus into Nigeria. We know those who imported this virus into our country. They are the wealthy, powerful, and well-connected. Just like they are to be blamed for the economic woes of the alamajiris, they are guilty of infecting, remotely or directly, the alamajiri population and every other segment of our population with the coronavirus.

The Nigerian Federal Government is mostly responsible for efforts geared at managing and curtailing the spread of this pandemic in our country, and every State is a federating unit under the control of the FG, hence, every Nigerian anywhere and no matter their status should access federal government intervention from wherever they are.

It is more disturbing to read that hundreds of these alamajiris are already infected by this virus before they were transported out of their States of residence, to States assumed to be their States of origin. If you would send away an alamajiri, a Nigerian, why didn’t you repatriate the Italian, who is the first confirmed coronavirus carrier in Nigeria? Why are some alamajiris not being sent to Niger Republic, where, no doubt a whole lot of them came from?

Nigeria’s Federal Government should take action to protect these innocent and deprived children from the wickedness being meted on them by some governors across Nigeria. Apart from advertising in the goriest way, the ill judgment of most of our political leaders, it also exposes us as a nation without a heart for kindness.

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