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Raising Boys Properly to Avoiding Future Rapists

To say that I am pained is an understatement, the recent shedding of innocent blood and raping of innocent girls is mentally, emotionally, and psychologically exhausting. Take the case of Vera Uwaila Omozuwa who is a student of the University of Benin who was raped and murdered in church premises where she went to read. Then the case of Tina who was murdered in cold blood by a police officer, who is actually meant to protect and enforce laws.

Who is raising these men? I seriously wonder. Is this where patriarchy was landed us? Most men thinking that they are entitled to a woman’s body. A woman’s private parts no longer belong to her alone in this part of the world. I think we have neglected the raising of male child enough it’s beginning to stuck in our throats like bone,  curses that had come home to roost. We had spent so much time and energy raising women, teaching them a moral compass and how to treat, love, and submit to men that we have encountered our waterloo.

Stop raising girls, yes enough with the corrections, morals, teachings, and focus on the boy child because we are raising monsters, entitled monsters who believe that a woman’s body is their right. Who believes that women are meant to please them. No wonder you hardly see self-help books on taking care of women. It’s mainly all about how to please a man, how to make a man fall in love with you in one week, how to attract a man and keep his attention, and the list is endless. It’s time we allow our male children to clean up their own mess. What do you think you are raising when you let your girl child do all the chores including that of her probably younger brother while he sits and flip channels all day. You exclude him from cooking like it’s an abomination for a man to cook, likewise washing his own plates and clothes. You are simply raising entitled men that will grow up and believe that women live to serve them. That’s how rape starts, a woman might eventually say no to him and he insists because he was meant to believe that he is entitled to every care and attention that comes from a woman including her body and the rape culture continues.

When you raise a girl child and indulge the boy child you are threading on the soil of a vicious circle. Can we for once pause it with the girl child and concentrate on the boys so we can strike a balance because it’s the adequate thing to do. Let there be mutually inclusiveness in raising the children. Where the kids are taught to do the chores together, clean after their own mess individually, and learn to cook their own food, cooking is a survival skill. Your boy child will not suffer harm if he learns basic home skills.

Teach your boy child to respect a woman and her body, educate them on sex education. Tell them that a woman’s private parts belong to her alone and that women should be treated with respect. Tell him that when a woman says no, he should stop persisting. Tell him it’s his duty to love and protect women. Tell him that it’s not okay telling a little girl to sit on his laps, Teach him self control, and enlighten him on the need to desist from watching pornography and masturbation. Often times, they like to practice the things they watch on unsuspecting women. We have had enough. Different rape cases every day and the rates are overwhelming. Our girls are no longer safe in the hands of their loved ones and male teachers. Pedophile everywhere, the other day, a small girl of three years was raped to death and I wonder who raised these men. What have we brought upon ourselves?. Enough is enough I say. Let every rapist be castrated. Rapists should not dwell among us. All hands must be on deck in the proper raising of the boy child.

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