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Police officer kills colleague while trying to arrest suspect in Abia State

An unidentified policeman shot dead his colleague while trying to arrest a suspect in Abia State Yesterday.

According to Vanguard, the incident occurred at Bata Junction, where the killer policeman tried to shoot a suspect for resisting arrest, mistakenly shot his colleague.

Eyewitnesses explained, that a tinted glass jeep coming from Factory road was stopped by policemen, who tried to force the occupants into their patrol van.

But another police officer accompanying the tinted glass jeep pleaded with the patrol team to allow them passage, but the plea was not granted.


It was gathered that when the occupant of the vehicle resisted the arrest, one of the police officers pulled his gun and accidentally shot at his colleague.

The eye-witness said, “When the police officer shot at his colleague, they suddenly left the suspect they were forcefully trying to arrest and began attending to their colleague.

“However, the suspect fled to a nearby fast-food company where the soldiers stationed there, intervened, and the police officers took their shot colleague into their patrol van and left.

Another policeman accompanying the man on the tinted glass jeep even pleaded with the patrol team to allow them to go, but they refused until the shooting.”

The injured policeman was said to have died on the way to the hospital, but this could not be confirmed as at press time.

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