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Police arrest retired soldiers’ sons using army uniform for robbery



Twins who are sons of a late retired soldier and two of their accomplices whose fathers are also ex-army personnel have been arrested by the police for allegedly carrying out robberies in different parts of Lagos State.

The suspects, Taiwo and Kehinde Ojomo, Emmanuel Bamidele and Peter Samuel, reportedly specialised in carjacking and robbing unsuspecting passengers.

City Round learnt that the twins belonged to different gangs but sometimes joined forces, with either of them wearing their late father’s uniform during operations.

The four suspects were apprehended recently at a hotel in the Idimu area of the state by operatives of the Force Intelligence Response Team. The uniform and a locally-made gun were said to have been recovered from them.

The police said the suspects did not come out of hiding until a meeting facilitated by some traders at the Alaba International Market who bought stolen items from them held at the hotel.

It was gathered that they got under the spotlight of the detectives after one of their victims, Abiodun Sadiq whose Toyota Corolla was stolen in August 2020 at gunpoint, petitioned the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu.

“While we couldn’t arrest the suspects because they were hiding at the military cantonments, we went after their trusted receivers at Alaba International Market, arrested them and made them organise a rendezvous.

“The robbers were told that we had a big robbery operation for them and we agreed to meet in a hotel at Idimu area of Lagos. We got there and found them drinking and apprehended the four of them,” a police source said.

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Taiwo, 29, explained that his twin brother, Kehinde, lured him into armed robbery, adding that they formed their separate gangs to avoid being caught by the police at the same time.

He said, “I reside around Ikeja cantonment area. My father was a retired soldier. I attended Nigeria Army Children School in Ikeja and dropped out of secondary school because there was no money. I was introduced into robbery by my twin brother, Kehinde and we have gone for several robbery operations in Lagos.

“Later, I joined another gang but whenever he wanted me to assist his gang, I did. One of us would act as a commercial bus driver while our gang members would be on the bus. At times, we would pick them along the way.

“One of us would wear uniform so that our target would assume it is safe to board the bus since there is a soldier inside. We normally operate along Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Lasu Igando route and Ikorodu Road. The highest I have made after an operation is N100,000.”

Taiwo stated that they engaged Samuel to sell stolen phones and other electronic gadgets at Alaba International Market.

He said the gang contributed money to buy double-barrelled guns from one Alfred based in Cotonou, Benin Republic. “He brought the guns to Nigeria for us. Unfortunately, police found my gun under the dash board,” he added.

Kehinde said he and Taiwo led a decent life until the death of their father, claiming that their mother said to be a highway sweeper could not afford to take care of them.

He stated, “Taiwo and I dropped out of secondary school after our father who was a soldier died. My mother could not afford to train us. I was sent to learn how to repair vehicles which I did for years till I met one Cyril who was my long-time friend. We formed a three-man gang together with Peter (Samuel). I was the one who introduced my twin brother to robbery. He kept asking where I got money and I had no choice but to show him the way. Along the line, we felt it was necessary to separate so that police would not catch us together. Unfortunately, we were arrested on the day I wanted to help his gang.”

He stated that they attacked several persons around Oshodi at night and carjacked a Toyota Corolla in one of their operations.

“We flagged down the Toyota Corolla at Oshodi and asked the driver to carry us to Iyana Iba. We assured him that we were ready to pay any amount. Greed pushed me to crime,” Kehinde said.

Twenty-two-year-old Samuel, a cobbler, said he joined the gang through Kehinde whom he met four years ago at a joint in Oshodi. Samuel added that he had participated in many robberies, including the one at Oshodi.

He said, “Around 9pm we stopped a cab man and told him that we were going to Iyana Iba. We paid the fare without bargaining. Close to Mile 2 Bridge, we forced him to stop and took over the car. We did several operations before I decided to go my own way because we could no longer agree on the sharing formula.

“I formed my own gang and we snatched one Sienna bus. Unfortunately, the police saw it where we parked it and towed it. We cannot go and claim it because we do not have documents. My father is a retired soldier; he currently works as a security officer at Ajah, Lagos.”

Bamidele, an electrician, said he took part in the robberies with the twins and others on Lekki-Ajah Expressway, Airport Road and Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway. He added that he was once arrested for robbery and remanded in prison custody for months.

He said, “After my release I rejoined my gang. We normally used the military uniform to deceive passengers before we would rob them.”

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Youth wing of Christian Association condemns attacks in Owerri Prisons, others



Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria, (YOWICAN), has condemned the attack at Police Headquarters and Correctional Centre in Owerri on Easter Monday where many prisoners and cell inmates were set free by gunmen whose identities are yet be ascertained.

Regretting the attack, National Chairman, Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria, Hon Belusochukwu Michael Enwere , in a chat on Saturday, called for proactive security in the South East, particularly in Imo State.

YOWICAN told federal and states governments to ensure that security apparatuses in the country especially in the South East are well equipped, well paid to enable them to curtail insecurity.

Belusochukwu advised government to urgently address issues that lead to insecurity by providing employment, create economic opportunities, engage youths and women on meaningful skills training such as welding, barbing, sewing, ICT and empower them accordingly, including awarding scholarships in both home and overseas to youths and students, provide infrastructure to all existing communities to spur people to productivity, give loan or grants to devoted farmers to encourage production of sufficient food, as well as provide quality and affordable education.

YOWICAN regretted that Fulani herders are terrorizing peaceful farmers in their farms and at home hence rising insecurity, food insufficiency, hunger and suffering, calling on government to stop the terror of Fulani herders by encouraging them to rear their herds in secluded environments in order to reduce insecurity and hunger.

Lauding Governor Hope Uzodimma for achieving great feat on quality road construction and rehabilitation in the state, Belusochukwu encouraged the governor to continue to solidify good governance to recover the state so that citizens will share in the administration’s prosperity and goodies for peace, comfort and security to reign supremely, saying “Imo State is a walking progress and must prevail”. We thank His Excellency for the passion he has for good governance and youth empowerment”.

However, the association urged citizens and other residents of the state to throw their weights to the Governor and his apostles to enable them achieve success for the state.

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Chalvon explodes over 2023 Imo guber



… Insists On Uzodinma’s 2nd Term

… Cautions Detractors

Ahead of 2023 Imo Guber, Prince Charles Amadi, Charlvon has called Imo on people particularly the people of Owerri Zone to remain supportive of Uzodinma led administration to enable him complete his constitutionally provide 8 years tenure as Imo State Governor.

This is even as he assured that with persistent support for Uzodinma, the people of Owerri zone are certain of succeeding the governor after 8 years hence the  Governor would be left with no  option than to support an Owerri person in the  2027 Guber elections.

The oil magnet who disclosed this to the press in his Owerri Residence over the weekend further used the medium to call on the Imo people to ignore those discrediting him on the pages of the newspaper stressing that the said people are not members of the APC hence their discredit on his personality and integrity.

Prince Charles Amadi (Chalvon), is a successful business mogul cum renowned philanthropist and one of the highest financier of All Progressive Congress, APC in Imo State .

Prince Amadii in this interview with journalists who visited his palatial Home in Owerri over the weekend called on Owerri Zone people to speak with one voice and support Gov Hope Uzodinma’s administration to succeed because it would be in the interest of the zone to support the governor so that when he finishes his constitutional tenure in 2027- the zone will have a chance of taking over from him. Because of the support we shall give him –


Question 1: May we meet you Sir?

    Answer:  My name is Prince Charles Amadi. I’m a stakeholder in Imo State, a stalwart of APC in Imo State and one of the leaders of Mbaike Forum.

Question 2 : How do you react to the allegation that you said that Uzodimma would hand over to an Mbaike person of Owerri Zone extraction to succeed him in 2027?

Answer: We have never said that I’m the only person in Mbaike. There are lots of people who support Governor Hope Uzodimma. I only encouraged those people supporting his Excellency to come out and preach his good work.

Question 3: There was a rumor that you always support an Orlu man to continue to succeed an Orlu man to govern Imo State, leaving you as an enemy of Mbaike and Owerri Zone?

Answer: Those people attacking me are envious of my track records. And I want to repeat, we have nine local government areas in Owerri Zone. And six of the LGAs traditionally have worked together way back. In Owerri Zone, we have Mbaise Zone, Owerri Federal Constituency (which includes Ngor-Okpala), Mbaike: Mbaitoli/Ikeduru Zone. I’m a realist. I do not pretend. I say the position of things as at today, means that in the PDP, the ticket will go to Emeka Ihedioha, an Mbaise man. And traditionally, they don’t spread things. They like to keep goodies of government among themselves – and we are saying that it would be in the interest the other six LGAs of Owerri Zone to support Hope Uzodimma so that when he finishes his constitutional tenure in 2027- the other six LGAs will have a chance of taking over from him. Because of the support we shall give him- Hope Uzodimma because he is doing great in governance of Imo state.

Question 4: You are u respected stakeholder in Imo State, your assessment of Uzodimma led shared prosperity administration

Answer: Uzodimma is doing greatly. His government is a walking progress. Look at the infrastructure he is putting in Imo. Look at the amount of roads he has done within short period in governance. Yes, I have been in politics for 21 years – I have not been in governorship position, in the Senate, House of Representatives, House of Assembly or other elected positions. And I don’t want to. But I play good politics to the advantage and good of all- for the development and economic advancement of Imo State. Because I believe in good governance and in Imo State.

Question 5: Is that why your detractors are envious of you?

Answer: My detractors- about forty of them- are not members of APC. Most of them are in Mbaike Forum ( Union) we formed including Prince Marcon Nlemigbo, APC Imo State Caretaker Committee Chairman, various leaders of APC, PDP, APGA among others are in Mbaike Forum. Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, Ahaejiagamba, is our Grand Patron. These men- we cannot discuss anything in Mbaike without them. *The detractors just want to be heard. However, the reception, being given to us is even beyond our imagination. We parade industrialists, technocrats –  people of timbres and calibres – who have been wonderful and we shall not disappoint them. These detractors, no doubt, are being sponsored by people who cannot organize anything successfully. Some of them do not even have First Degrees. They have never seen the walls of the university. One of them is a fair businessman and a fair politician. The only option to them is to attack my person. We know him- how many people was he able to register in his tiny town- yet he comes out and makes noise. How many people was he able to bring to vote for APC in his tiny town*.

Question 6: How is APC faring in Imo?

Answer:  Our party, APC, is united in Imo under Governor Hope Uzodimma. It is just a mere quarrel which happens in other parties- but that of PDP is even worse.

Question 7: Apex Leadership crises is causing division in Imo APC and may negatively affect 2023 election, don’t you think so, and remember what happened to Okigwe Senatorial Bye election.

    Answer: No. No. First of all, we did not lose election in Okigwe Senatorial Zone. The lost of the election at Obowo LGA does not have to do with Apex Leadership crisis. Court will maintain our mandate for us. Apex Leadership is a motivator in a particular area, it is not given, you earn it. For example, in Owerri Zone, we have Prince Lemmy Akakem, who is doing well and you have to earn people’s trust before they can you leader. We have become a rallying point and mostly people who have just come into the party or people who have been in the party- when they saw that Ihedioha had been declared winner- they went and started eating  with Ihedioha- and came back as Supreme Court declared Hope Uzodinma winner.

But persons like Prince Lemmy Akakem stood his ground and in Ikeduru, we have leaders who galvanize the party- we know ourselves and there are a lot of people who in the morning they will shout Hope! Hope! But in the night they plot to stop him in 2023. But I assure you that APC is very united and most of these people making noise – come 2023 will not be with us, they are only friends on a rainy days.

Question 8: The issue of President- General allegedly imposed by IMC Chairmen in Imo communities is destabilising APC. How do you react to it.

Answer: Constitution of APC provides for interim President- General. There is nothing new in that. You cannot say imposition when the situation is interim- the government has the right to nominate anybody to manage the community affairs in the time being.

Question 9: what is Your take on insecurity in Imo and other South Eastern States.

  Answer: I will not say much of what Governor Uzodimma had said about what causes insecurity in the state and who are behind it. It is the handiwork of political detractors. His Excellency, Hope Uzodimma, is on top of the situation to safeguard Imo State. Notably, South East will come together soon to discuss how to secure the Zone.

Question 9 : You so much love Uzodinma, is it because of his leadership acumen and dexterity?

  Answer: Yes His good governance Hence, we are working very hard in support of Hope Uzodimma. We are asking all our brothers and sisters to join us genuinely to support the work of the governor. Our brothers attacking me (Prince Charls Amadi) and Prince Lemmy Akakem, should please, support us to support the pragmatic governor for the good and prosperity of Imo State and its citizenry.

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Attack on Imo: Uzodinma exonerates herders, attributes actions to Politicians



Again, Governor of Imo State Senator Hope Uzodinma has accused those he termed greedy political leaders of master minding the attacks on Imo correctional Centre and the State CID.

This is even as he exonerated the Fulani Herdsmen of being responsible for the attacks as insinuated in various quarters.

Uzodinma who disclosed this in Government House over the weekend while receiving the leadership of the Northern Community in Imo Also assured them of the government’s protection.

Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State has assured the Northern community residing in the state of government’s protection always, saying that they are part and parcel of Imo State.

“This is where you live. This is where you do your business. You are stakeholders in Imo State. Sit in your house and defend yourself and protect your house. Nobody will drive you away,”  Governor Uzodimma told the leadership of the Northern community who held a meeting with him at the Government House Owerri at the weekend.

The leadership of the Northern community said they had come to pay a solidarity visit to Governor Uzodimma and to solicit his continued support to them in the face of recent pockets of insecurity affecting them.

Governor Uzodimma who told the northerners that they are taxpayers in Imo State admonished them not to be “tenants in your house,” adding, “Once you are here doing your business you are from Imo State.”

The governor told them that “every protection or support I can give to the Igbo man from Imo State I will also give to a northerner who is in Imo State.”

Governor Uzodimma reminded them again that they voted for him overwhelmingly and that government has a programme for them that will help them live well and conduct their businesses properly.

He told them that government has taken note of the development in their habitation and assured them that it will not happen again.

“This government has no time for nonsense. Don’t go for self help. Government will help you. No arrangement by any person or group will be stronger than that of government. All we need from you is information. Pray for the souls of those who lost their lives,” the Governor informed the group.

Governor Uzodimma who thanked the leaders of the northern community for their maturity and understanding of the events happening in Imo State of late noted that the development has nothing to do with herdsmen, but the “conspiracy of some blood thirsty and greedy political leaders from the state working to ensure that state of emergency is declared in Imo State.” 

“They want to create impression that the people are fighting the northerners. But unfortunately their plans did not work and will not work. Blood means nothing to them and that is the difference between them and us,” Governor Uzodimma explained.

The governor said because the political leaders in question know that the northern community in Imo State is supporting him they decided to go after them. He said: “those who are after you are after me and God will not allow them to succeed.” 

Governor Uzodimma therefore promised to enhance the security in all the places they reside in Imo State.

Earlier, leader of the delegation, Alhaji Adamu Baba Sule told the Governor that they came to give both moral support and pledge their solidarity.

He said regardless of the recent development, “Imo State remains the most peaceful and most accommodating to the Northerners in the South East.”

He regretted that “bad political leaders in Imo State conspire with others elsewhere to cause problem for the people,” and pleaded with Governor Uzodimma to beef up security at their places of abode. 

They also reminded the government that most of those being mowed down by bandits as herdsmen are Imo indigenes who practise Islam as their religion.

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