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Owerri Based Journalist Escapes Death, Accuses Imo Lawmaker Of Mastermind

It was a free for all fight at the state capital on Thursday as Irete youths descended on a freelance journalist who was allegedly accused of publishing unverified reports against a top politician in the state.

The journalist who was identified as Fenian was accosted along Okigwe road by unidentified youths shortly after an argument ensued between them. The angry youths who were uncomfortable with the response of Fenian engaged him in a free for all fight leaving him with bruises.

According to a close source who do not want his name on print, disclosed that Fenian was fond of using his media platform ( NewsField) newspaper to get back at politicians particularly from his LGA, Obowo.

Report has it that with the tension as regards the forthcoming Okigwe Senate bye-election, there are speculations that some desperate political office seekers might behind sponsored media publications in the area in their bid to tarnish image of their perceived political rivals ahead of the election.

Meanwhile, while fielding questions from newsmen after the incident, he disclosed that his lawmaker was behind his attack. Fenian accused Rt Hon Kennedy Ibe, member representing Obowo state constituency of sending his aides to get at him.

He accused Ibe of reneging on agreement reached prior to the 2019 general election where they both agreed that he will emerge as his media assistant. Continuing, he said Hon Kennedy Ibe disengaged him few months after which he said was a breach of the agreement reached.

When contacted on phone, Hon Kennedy Ibe denied having any agreement with Fenian to work with him as an aide but rather he saw him as a brother who needed alms which he did.

Also, Ibe disclosed that he advised Fenian to go about with his normal business within Imo state and beyond since he resides in Lagos state but be rest assured that he will always receive stipends from his office monthly as a way of encouraging him.

According to Ibe ” On a faithful day as I got to my office to resume my legislative duties, on opening my door at the House of Assembly, I caught Fenian taking a shot of my private mails right on my table when I inquired further to know reasons behind his actions, he pleaded that I should not take any action against him.

To this end, I instructed that he should not be allowed to gain access to my office except when coming to receive his stipends. On hearing my directives he resorted to cheap blackmail accusing me of relieving from duty.

I dare him to come up with documents where we appended signatures or seal to an agreement as regards his appointment, I thought I was helping a brother, I never knew I was rendering help to desperate and serial blackmailer.

He should go and ask for forgiveness and amend his ways, I have no grudge with him. I am at peace with my creator he said.

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