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Orlu APC Is Intact-Iheanacho

The APC in Orlu Local Government, Orlu Federal Constituency is intact just as we have it in Imo State.

To buttress my stand-in Orlu APC and Imo in general as it concerns APC. I posit that since Imo State has a Governor of the APC extraction, it implies then that the Governor is number one person or the arrowhead of the party in Imo and by extension, the arrowhead of the party in the entire South East being the only APC Governor of the southeast extraction.

Having pointed this out, having seen a leader on the top, if then implies, instructions and leadership will flow from that top.

Leadership moves vertically, that is from the top to the bottom.

Since the governor has appointed the Local Government Interim Management Committee Chairmen for the twenty-seven Local Governments in Imo, it implies that they are at the moment, the leaders of the party at the various Local Governments pending when the party conducts its congresses.

The earlier the people understand that it is God that chooses a leader, the better for the nation and the entire universe.

Since Governor Uzodinma is our Governor today, it is trite for all and sundry to accord him that respect as well as those he appointed to assist him in the leadership

Orlu local government APC is so peaceful and well intact, no shaky just waiting for the Apc congress to come. Some people are so naive they do not understand the trail of the exact way the political party functions. They don’t really understand, they are so confused and so carried away about the whole thing. Some people don’t even know the difference between the political structure a candidate and the political party itself, they mixed up the two. All the same, when the time comes to the come we shall all become.

Time of the APC crisis has come and gone, now Apc is one (united) no more this or that, we are for one party, one governor and one goal, that is to support our governor, His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodinma in all he does for the welfare of the great people of Imo State, nothing more. We will not and can not afford to give any room to any political party more especially PDP or any other party to take advantage of anything to harm the success of our great party in any form. At this point in time, I must ask all APC true members in Orlu local government areas to come together,  and work as a family. United we stand and divided we fall, we must come together, work together and conquer together and people should forget their selfish and self-centered interest and work with the party from their inner heart not pretending.

Imo Apc, Orlu LGA in particular and Orlu/Orsu/Oru East Federal Constituency, in general, must be happy and so proud of our God-given Governor, His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma (ONWA-Oyoko) from saving us from the hands of untrustworthy PDP chieftains within our senatorial district that wanted to rubbish Orlu APC in general through the government of Emeka Ihedioha of PDP.

As party hierarchy goes, in every local government area the Chairman of the local government councils is always the first citizen of that local government (just like the governor is the number one citizen of his state so as the President is the one number citizen of his country, this is in everything) that means he or she is the Chief  Security of the concerned local government and the political leader of that local government area no other person until everything takes shape. People should always recognize people in their positions and give respect to who respect is due.

Calling for LGA Party meeting should always be in uniformity that means through the same channel, same date, same time and same venue, not called by different people at various times and places. In fact I would suggest for the state Exco chambers to get involved in directing some of the LGA party structures on issues of the party hierarchy and the way it works.

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