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Only Support For Uzodinma Will Bring Imo APC Back TO Life- Eddy Iheanacho

In avowed bid to ensure that the dreaded epidemic ravaging the world does not find its foot in Imo, the Imo State governor Senator Hope Uzodinma has unveiled six isolation centre to quarantine and treat patients of COVID-19, if peradventure it enters Imo.

This is even as he appealed with Imo people to till observe the seat at home policy despite its biting effects pending when an alternative to the management of the epidemic is achieved.

Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma has unveiled the Imo Initiative Programme ramping up the fight against contagious diseases, crime and disaster in the State.

He did on Friday, during the commissioning of one of the COVID-19 Isolation Centres and Security Patrol vehicles in Owerri. Governor Uzodimma stated: “As we focus firmly on COVID-19 because of its awesome potency, we must never lose sight of the fact that other threats to our collective safety and peaceful existence abound. Crime, other contagious diseases and disasters inclusive.”

Governor Uzodimma expressed happiness that even with the ever-rising confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country, Imo State has been spared from any confirmed case.

This, he said is to the glory of God and the relentless efforts of the government and co-operation of the people. He noted “Yet as a people, we must remain vigilant, creative and disciplined in our response to this monstrous virus to ensure that it never gets to our state and if it does, that we must not be caught napping.”

On some of the recent measures put in place by the government to prevent COVID-19 from entering the state and in the unfortunate event that it does, Governor Uzodimma assured of his readiness to fight it to a standstill.

He stated that six well-equipped Isolation Centres are now in place in the state at Okigwe General Hospital, Aboh Mbaise General Hospital, Orlu General Hospital, Federal Medical Centre Owerri, General Hospital Umuguma and the Ultra-Modern Well-being Centre, Owerri, Orlu Road, all commissioned simultaneously.

The Governor further stated that an operational ready Test and Treatment Centre for Coronavirus is also in place in Owerri metropolis with a molecular Laboratory to test all viruses, COVID-19, Ebola etc.

He equally noted that well trained and equipped medical experts from National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) are on ground to test for the virus if there is anyone with symptoms and to treat any confirmed case.

In addition to the existing State Taskforce on COVID-19, Governor Uzodimma stated that taskforces have been set up at the local government areas and ward levels with 28 state-of-the-art ambulances provided to fortify the state in readiness for any emergency.

Governor Uzodimma who reiterated that he will address with all seriousness, the health, security and environmental challenges of the people, called for support towards the IMO INITIATIVE policy.

Throwing further light on the IMO INITIATIVE, Governor Uzodimma said: “Imo Initiative is a comprehensive package that seeks to clinically confront and conquer the health and safety challenges of Imo people. It is a programme designed to keep our people safe and healthy beyond COVID-19.”

He warned criminals to leave the state as over 100 security pick up vans tagged “search and flush,” have been lined up with Combined Team of Security Agencies mandated to flush out criminals in all the nooks and crannies of the state.

In addition, the Governor said that an emergency call centre has been established and enjoin anyone with any information on COVID-19 or any disaster or criminal activity to dial 112 (a toll-free line) with prompt response assured.

On directive to stay at home, Governor Uzodimma assured Imo people that government will continue to review the situation of things on a weekly basis and relax the measures in place if things improve or even tighten the measures if the occasion demands.

He called for patience and promised that palliatives in form of food items and condiments would be provided through the local governments to alleviate the hardship of the people.

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