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Only Performance Can Weaken Opposition In Imo

By Declan Anaele

The earlier the present administration in Imo which His Excellency,  Governor Hope Uzodinma is driving and his APC members understand and come to the realization that no amount of intimidation, cruelty can weaken the strengths of the opposition in Imo, the better for the administration.

The earlier they come to terms that the closer to the 2023/2024 general elections, the more opposition increases by leaps and bounds in the state.

At the moment, the only and more visible opposition party in Imo is the PDP and other political parties are watching, studying both the weaknesses and the strengths of the existing government in the state and would also pounce on the government at the right time.

Going by the definition of the term Democracy which is defined as the Government of the people for the people and by the people, one can quickly deduce that the people referred to by the said democracy definition are not everybody at the same time everybody but of particular people, the masses which belong to no political party and by extension, the people that belong to other political parties and not the party in power which can be classified or referred to as the opposition.

It is these people in the opposition that bring to the notice of those majority of the masses who have their different professions and businesses that the government in power is not living up to the expectations of the people or has not kept its campaign promises.

To these masses, they sometimes may not even remember the campaign promises of t the said government in power given their engagements but would be able to recall after being told and reminded by the opposition party or parties as the case may be.

It is at this point that the opinions of the said masses are formed about the government and these opinions are carried out at the next election and after which they go back to their engagements.

It is therefore trite for one to proffer that the opposition political parties have lots of roles to play in checkmating the excesses of the government in power.

No government performs creditably in the absence of opposition which ignites criticisms

However, in Imo State of today, where the governor is of the APC extraction has since January 14 they assumed office faced severe and several criticisms.

Although, the government is reacting to some of those issues which they  described as false, fake news and attributed them to the opposition party, the PDP.

Some of such issues that had the capacity of igniting hatred against the government of Uzodinma include the allegation that the only state own University in Imo, (The Imo State University was to be named after the former Chief of Staff to President Buhari Aba Kyari).

To say the least, this allegation attracted severe condemnations and not only amongst Imo people but the Igbo nation in general.

Governor Uzodinma was able to redeem his image and won the people’s confidence once more when his media team came up with a refutal and gave reasons why the present administration would not think of such idea of renaming the university let alone carrying it out.

While this was subsisting, the same opposition accused the present administration of paying eight million to Fulani Herders, in Mbaise over their cows that were allegedly stolen by the villagers.

This issue again took a centre stage in Imo and media were awash with the news until the government again refuted it.

Another one that is trending in the media at the moment is the establishment of Almajiri Schools in Imo by the Uzodinma government which the government has also refuted.

A friend of mine called me from Abuja over the weekend, before we could exchange pleasantries, he quickly asked me why the governor of Imo State, established schools for Almajiris in Imo, the Eastern Heartland and a Christian State.

In fact, I could not allow him finish with the questions he was asking when I pushed from my Watsap the press release signed by the Governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Oguike Nwakuku for Monday’s publication and that ended further questions he was to ask.

On the different refutals by the Government, one word they have not failed to apply remains fake news. Imolites should not hearken to the fake news from the PDP. It is their stuck in trade by deceiving people.

However, whether fake or real, the most important thing about the whole thing is both the allegations or the fake news are germane and add to the beauty of democracy and at the same time are forming the opinions of the people either for good or for bad.

I am happy that the media handlers of the government are gradually downplaying the use of harsh words, cruelty and intimidation in reacting to these issues from the opposition unlike before because no amount of such words can stop an opposition from dishing out such negative  news or propaganda which they believe that can change the narratives and peoples perception of the government ahead of 2023/2024.

The only thing that can help the government in power to subdue and weaken the opposition in the state is performance.

At the moment, many nomenclatures that appear derogatory such as “Supreme Court Governor, the Abuja Imposed Governor amongst others are tools by the said opposition to curry peoples’ favour and sympathy.

It is incumbent upon the governor to tell Imo people that he is not a supreme court product and others but the duly elected  Governor of Imo State by his scorecards.

By the time, his achievements speak volume of the governments preparedness to governance, by the time his achievements surpass those of his predecessors,  the opposition though would not stop criticisms but would not have the strength to push their biros and when that happens, the government can be said to have conquered.

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