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Okigwe Senate : Why Athan Achonu Remains The Best Among The Rest.(part 1)

History has a way of repeating itself just as it is  usually said that whatever goes around, comes around. Citing the issue of Okigwe zone and who best fits in and proper to represent the zone at the Red Chambers of the National Assembly at this point in time.

It may not be difficult to narrow it down to a man, whose victory at d polls was nullified by a combination of factors that had nothing to do with his popularity.

In 2015, chief Athan Nneji Achonu(aka one-armed General) won a  landslide victory to represent Okigwe zone. He was in full swing with what was an effective representation before one Rita Ibemere Okorafor from Umuduruegbeaguru in Onuimo LGA  who claimed to have contested the senatorial election on the platform of the Accord Party complained against INEC’s omission of her name and party logo on the ballot sheet in just a few INEC  wards which relatively were insignificant to have warranted litigation instituted by her at the tribunal. As the Accord Party senatorial candidate as it were , she  did not even garner a single vote even in the wards were her name and party Logo appeared including her own local government area . An indication and  reflection of her unpopularity in Okigwe zone yet she appeared at the tribunal to challenge the omission.

With a petition lodged at the National Assembly Elections Petition Tribunal, some overzealous detractors who felt intimidated by the rise to stardom and ever-rising profile of Senator Athan Achonu cashed in on the petition and exhausted all legal, financial and destruction arsenal to deny him of his hard-earned victory.

Simply because the almighty God did not approve of that conspiracy and the evil plot that set the hand of the clock for the development of Okigwe backward, it did not take time before the enemies of Okigwe zone started fighting among themselves and in fact ended up as the greatest enemies of each other but today the rest is history as the same history is set to repeat itself in a divine way.

With the unfortunate death of Senator Ben Uwajimogu, INEC will in no distance time after the COVID 19 pandemics begin preparations for an election in the zone. With that again, Okigwe electorate are faced with another  opportunity to identify and chose the best for the now vacant senate seat. While many who call themselves stakeholders, elders and political leaders of Okigwe zone have been brainstorming, strategizing and engaging in horse-trading and political intrigues to fill the position with one of their own, right thinking and discerning members of the society under the aegis of IMO INITIATIVE FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE, ACCOUNTABILITY AND JUSTICE came up with a resolution that looking at the present underdevelopment of Okigwe zone, and having considered a lot of factors thereto, Chief Athan Achonu with an unparalleled, unequaled and proven political track record remains the best bet for a thorough and all-inclusive, responsive and responsible representation which the good people of Okigwe zone yearn for.

Advancing the core reasons that made them arrive at this decision, includes but not limited to the  fact that having set the pace for purposeful leadership and effective representation as Senator in 2015, chief Athan Achonu has all that it will take to reposition the nagging issues of who leads Okigwe at this point in time. They are also of the opinion that with too many bitterness and rancor among the warring leaders, only an  Athan Achonu will be a soothing balm and a buffer to neutralize the despondency that pervades the enclave called Okigwe zone or lmo North senatorial zone which is not only marginalized in the scheme of things but relegated to the rear when national and state largesse is or are being shared.

As a matter of fact, one-armed General as he is fondly called had a very humble beginning, easily accessible, an award-winning philanthropist of both local and international repute.

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