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Okigwe Senate 2020 And Gov. Uzodinma 2023



In an ideal Political Clime where Democracy exists, representation of any group or Locality is determined by what the people want. We can liken this to what is obtainable in Civilised democracies like the United States of America,(USA) and elsewhere. The governor of any state decides who should go for a bye-election. There is nothing bad about it as his state’s interest is what matters most in addition to visible lapses hitherto.

Simply put, what every Constituent of Okigwe Senatorial district aspires, desires are the Needs which absolutely should be the determinant.

It is an already known Fact that Imo North Senatorial District in past years have wobbled Compared to the expectations of the People.

Taking into Corgnizanc the Political actors Characters, Competence, Dynamism, Exigencies, and Relevance of each of the actors Past and Present.

The question Okigwe natives must not fail to ask is, amongst the Plethora of aspirants who is he that has what will be most beneficial both to the zone and state at large?

Indeed that whatever form of Leadership ( govt) people want is what they get. In other words, it’s the desire of Imo North Constituents that the Politician that will eventually be elected at the Polls in the forthcoming Okigwe Senatorial bye-election on October 31st. 2020 will be someone who knows the Pains,  agonies of Okigwe zone, and People. Such a person must be awash with realities and Solutions in View. He must be truly Passionate, Competent with dedication, and true allegiance to existing organs. The Loyalty must be devoid of Selfish Connotations.

This is important for time has come for Leadership to show Content. It is time for accountability so that the zone will  Riggle out of the backwardness menace.

 It is this truism in using what you have to get what you truly desire that is what Okigwe needs now. Sir Frank Ibezim, a bonafide son of Ezeoke -Nsu Ebichi, Ehime Mbano should come top. His political pedigree, a core Professional whose love for the zone knows no boundary. His Characters dwarfs that of his rivals as his Competence can. Never be in doubt. Check it out.   Sir Frank Ibezim while Serving as Honourable Commissioner for Agriculture in Imo state gave a true account of what one should do with his position. The Compelling Need for Imo govt to harness the abundant Agricultural Potentials of Okigwe zone in line with Economic diversifications of Nigeria’s mono-economy was exposed.

That he Revived the Avutu Poultry Farm set up by Dee Sam Mbakwe ‘s govt within a couple of short periods is a Plus. Employments were created for People. This measure created enabling Markets between Abia and Imo states including other Neighbouring states.

Frank Ibezim understands that SMEs drive every Viable economy. To a greater extent, he removed restiveness amongst Locals by placing food on many Family tables.

 The young Philanthropist has also involved himself in many Communal and Religious services. Get to his Community Ezeoke-Nsu, he assisted in the building of God’s Vineyard in the Anglican Communion. Good works they say have good rewards that Nigeria’s National Lawmaking Organ through global research spotted Sir Frank Ibezim, making a global Contact Consult. Many Political Leaders of Nigeria are his Close allies and Friends.

Today Chief Ibezim can walk shoulders high into the Corridors of Power in Abuja and beyond. Recall also that this Isiala- Mbano Son was Spotted by President  Mohammadu Buhari Far back in 2007. PMB never wasted time as he appointed Ibezim Director general (D/G)  for his  Presidential Campaigns in Imo state. Would Okigwe zone fail to exploit this relationship now? Tufiakwa.

Frank Ibezim has also aspired in the Past going to the Federal House of Representatives. But was  Persuaded to drop the aspiration then as a Loyal party man and Politician. Okigwe must learn to reciprocate good gestures as wars can not improve the quagmire the zone found itself. This Politician has also drawn the attention of Federal Authorities to the Erosion and Ecological Problems bedeviling Okigwe without being Called a Senator. The ongoing NDDC road Rehabilitation and Constructions of Ama Ogoke to Ihitte/ Uboma to 7 and Half Obowu /Umuahia is through his Synergy with other Political giants. He understands that a single tree does not make a Forest, hence Ibezim Consults rapidly with Elders, Political and otherwise.

The First ever Electricity Solar Powered Project of Fed. the government in the South – East is Located at Ihitte /Uboma with a Capacity of about 40 to 60 Kilowatts. This project will supply electricity to more than 100 Houses in Ihitte / Uboma and beyond.

In addition, the 127 Hectare RICE FARM in Uboma are eloquent testimonies of a true representative of a district that could attract his People.

 It is not debatable any longer that Youths, Women, Religious and Cultural Associations are Clamouring that Sir Frank Ibezim Should be assisted to pick the ticket. Honestly many people are afraid to face Ibezim, Crystalizing in Sponsored Falsehood about the government endorsing him. He is always cheerful in assisting no matter the level. He has secured employment to many without knowing their Families.

Maybe these are some of his qualities that may get the attention of the Imo government. Frank Ibezim is Charismatic and Intelligent with high regard to Leaders and the grassroots. Recall that Okigwe Zone was nearly messed up during Former President Obasanjo’s reign as the zone asked for a shot at Imo Huber in 2006. No thanks to Prof. Maurice Iwu and co. Be it known also that Sir Frank Ibezim is a beautiful bride before Abuja and Imo state as the APC  would always insist on a Credible Candidate that will remain Supportive towards retaining Seat through Collective Political Bargain.

Sir Frank Ibezim is a team player, Verifiable with his approach towards the Economic Footprints if Senator Hope Uzodinma’s govt in Imo state. Okigwe Political  Leaders should not forget in a hurry what Played out in 2003 when Chief Ikedi Ohakim declared to run for Okigwe Senate. But was Persuaded to drop for his Kinsman. His Excellency, Chief Eddy Onuoha ( Enyioha), Rt.hon Max Duru, One time Speaker Imo Assembly together with Opara Okigwe, Chief Ok Enyiogasi ( Ok 2000), Chief Tony Chukwu , Engr Ebere Udeagu, Prof Green Nwankwo now a Royal Father. Etc.

The APC as a Party should not encourage Scatter- Scatter Mentality as they Navigate towards 2023, else what President Obasanjo told Imo Leaders during guber rumbles in Imo. He said to Udenwa,” Is like your wife is stronger than you.  Then the Secretary to Imo state govt then, Nze I .M .O Umunna said to Udenwa. I was in a dream where I saw You digging your Political Grave.”

Prof. Nnamdi Obiareri Ph.D., High Chief Ziggy Martin’s Nnadozie, and Hon Jasper Ndubuaku can attest to this.  I rest my case now.

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Change Security Chiefs , Wike Urges FG



Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has approached the Federal Government to change the Security Chiefs to give space for new thoughts and methodology in handling the dangers of internal security.

The governor, Wike settled on the decision during the wreath laying and parade ceremony put in place to mark the 2021 Armed Forces Remembrance Day in Port Harcourt on Friday.

The governor, who recognized the endeavors made so far by the nation’s security chiefs in the fight against insurgents, noted anyway that in spite of full military commitment with Boko Haram and bandits, the dangers give off an impression of being overpowering on the nation’s security agencies.

Governor Wike stated, Boko Haram, bandits and killer herders have kept on overrunning networks, arbitrarily murdering and abducting helpless individuals.

As indicated by him, these insurgents have likewise decimated private and public property without any difficulty, and it is the ideal opportunity for the Federal Government to make an unequivocal move and end such menace.

“A nation is as strong as its Armed Forces. Her failure to defeat the Boko Haram insurgency notwithstanding long periods of full military commitment shows that everything isn’t well with our methodologies and responsibilities to the fight against the internal security.

“Today, consequently, additionally raises the need to for us all to be worried by the disintegrating security across the nation and restate the call on the Federal Government to do all things needed to bring the security threat by Boko Haram and armed bandits to a definitive end in the most limited conceivable time.

“We thank the Service Chiefs for their endeavors so far in the fight against the insurgents. Yet, we additionally line up with the worry of citizens that having apparently reached their wit end, they should now give way for new hands and thoughts to give the battle the driving force that it so unequivocally needs to guarantee that Boko Haram and killer bandits are extensively crushed and cleared out of presence.

“The time has arrived for the Federal Government to stop the pretence, change procedure, look for help from our companions and stand up to the direness of the internal security situation in Nigeria with each weaponry available to it to stop the slaughtering, free all hostages and improve the physical security of our nation for all Nigerians,” he said.

The governor expressed that all Nigerians are charitable recipients of the different penances made by the Armed Forces as they put their life in line to defend the nation.

According to Governor Wike, the least obligation each Nigerian owes the soldiers, veterans, and their families is to keep on recollecting, respect and commend them for their remarkable courage in service and sacrifice to the nation.

“On this solemn day and event hence, we join the rest of our nation to respect and honor every one of our officers who lost their lives at the different battlefields in the service of our country.

“We likewise salute and honor each serving member of Nigerian Armed Forces continuing today in the noble tradition of those before them dutifully defending our nation’s territorial integrity.

“They are fighting to keep us safe and secured in the face of insurgencies from Boko Haram, Bandits and other criminal elements posing a threat on our peace and security across the nation.

“Our dearest nation is still together, existing and waxing stronger as one unified, free, and democratic nation in light of your responsibility and sacrifice to its solidarity and progress.

“As Nigerians, our collective desire is to have a nation where we would all be able to live in solidarity, freedom and security. A nation where our kids and grandkids can live in relative comfort and take a stab at a more promising time to come,” he expressed.

Governor Wike expressed the need to have a lasting reward framework for officers and men of the Armed Forces to encourage them in their sacrifices to the nation.

He said his administration has kept on executing such financial support strategy for security personnel of Rivers origin as a result of the worth it puts on the selfless sacrifices they make to keep Nigeria united and in harmony.

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Happy New Year 2021!



Happy new year our highly esteemed reader! We wish you a very productive year 2021. We heartily thank you for trusting us to Lead you in the past years and we look forward to helping you to find the truths this year. We are the Lead Express.

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CAN Announces Death of NCGF President



tmp cam 1462152607
Prof. Adisa

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has announced the death of one of its own, the President of the Nigeria Christian Graduates Fellowship, NCGF, Prof. Charles Adisa.
In a statement made available to the media today and signed by CAN President, Rev. Samson Ayokunle,Prof. Adisa will be greatly missed by CAN as he will always be remembered for his contributions to the Christian fight for the restoration of the teaching of the Christian Religious Knowledge in public schools, the fight against the controversial RUGA settlements, the Companies and Allied Matters Act, CAMA, and the federal government’s lopsided appointments.

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