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… Roots For Nwajuba’s Choice Of Candidate

While INEC is yet to fix a date for Okigwe Senatorial bye-election, the Imo State Governor has embarked on what has been described by political Analysts as a drawn battle line between him and one of the foremost and strongest of Aspirants for the said seat, senator Godwin Ifeanyichukwu Araraume.

This is even as Araraume had last Thursday received a waiver by the National Leadership of the APC to contest for the said seat.

Source from the Government House revealed to this paper that Governor Uzodinma who was yet to take a decision on the best and suitable candidate for the Okigwe Zone bye-election had been instructed by the Powers that Be in the APC to support the choice and candidate of the minister of the State Education, Emeka Nwajuba, Frank Ibezim.

The same source further revealed to Lead that Nwajuba had initially wanted to resign his position as the minister to run for the said seat but was advised not to by Okigwe Zone Leaders on the ground that such position may go to another Zone if he resigns hence minister’s resolve to select a person of his choice, Frank Ibezim.

Available information to Lead revealed that Frank Ibezim was one of the coordinators of president Buhari during his presidential campaigns.

The said Frank was had last Monday declared his intension to run for the plump position at the APC’s state Secretariat along Okigwe Road where he was received by Nlemigbo led Executives.

However, the declaration, as well as the supposed support of Uzodinma and Nwajuba to the said Ibezim, has brought about serious tension in Okigwe Zone and Imo in general following the fierce battle which now looms.

An investigation carried out by Lead revealed that some of the Aspirants are likely going to withdraw ambition following the waiver which the APC national leadership granted to senator Araraume to contest for the seat.

Before now, some of the aspirants were thinking that senator Araraume may not contest for the said seat having been there for two Terms but were demoralized when the APC leadership had over the weekend, granted the two times senator waiver to run for the seat under the platform of the APC.

 As it is, with the waiver granted to Araraume by the APC, it implies that the two-time senator has concluded plans to run and as such, the battle over who takes the seat is between Araraume and the said Ibezim Frank who allegedly is being supported and sponsored by Uzodinma and Nwajuba.

Both would first fight over who pics the candidate of the party and any of them that grabs it, will now face the main election where other parties like APGA, PDP amongst others have already brought out their candidates.

However, the APC primaries for Okigwe Zone bye-election would be very tough and difficult for a particular person to outweigh others with votes in that virtually all the six Local Governments in Okigwe Zone has one aspirant contesting while some have more than one.

In addition to this, Uzodinma’s involvement and interest according to Analysts cannot be wished away because as a Governor, he has a role to play in who wins the election.

In the same vein, Araraume whose political sagacity and prowess in Imo and Okigwe Zone where he can best be described as the apex leader has also an enormous role to play on who wins the race,

While INEC is planning to fix the date of the election by November, all the gladiators are still going on with their consultations.

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