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Okigwe Bye Election: Frank Ibezim Works Under Tight Corner

… Aggrieved Camps Work Together Against Ambition

… APC Tests Uzodinma’s Weight With Polls Result

APC candidate for Okigwe Zone bye election, Frank Ibezim appears to be working under a tight corner in a bid to realise his senatorial ambition.

This however follows investigation carried out by Lead Newspaper where in, aggrieved camps both of the APC and other political parties now see frank Ibezim as a common enemy that should be stopped at all costs, from achieving victory in the October 31st senatorial bye election of the Okigwe Zone.

Investigation carried out by Lead in Okigwe Zone revealed that the supporters of Chidinma Uwajumogu, a sister to the late senator Uwajumogu have vowed not to support the ambition of Frank Ibezim if their principal fails to get a,favorable judgement in the on going suit against the declaration of Ibezim as the winner of the APC primaries.

Chidinma Uwajumogu has dragged Ibezim to court, challenging his declaration as the APC’s candidate for the forthcoming bye election.

According to our investigation, the supporters of Uwajuomogu are of the view to even support another party’s candidate for the main election if court does not reverse the candidature of the said Ibezim before the election.

APC primary election panel that conducted the party’s primaries had declared Ibezim winner of the polls.

The declaration of Ibezim by the said panel was greeted with various reactions and controversies in Imo .

The said controversy stemmed up from amongst other things that some members of the panel also declared Araraume, winner of same election.

However, when various results got to Abuja, the party’s head quarters,Ibezim’s name was forwarded to the INEC as the party’s candidate, an act which warranted senator Araraume going to the court and later, Chidinma Uwajumogu joined in the suit.

On the other side of the coin, Lead’s investigation ahead of Okigwe bye election shows that the teeming supporters of Araraume have resolved like supporters of Uwajumogu to work against Ibezim if court does not reverse the decision of the party ahead of the election.

According to our source, the supporters of Araraume have resolved to stop Ibezim at all costs from winning the election even if it requires them supporting another candidate from another political party, but now waite upon Araraume, who would issue the final directive ahead of the election.

Speaking with the Lead, one of the supporters of Uwajumogu said that if Frank Ibezim had won transparently, the said primaries that the issue of dragging him to court would not have arisen but since the party decided otherwise, that the camps of the aggrieved aspirants have decided to work together against his ambition.

Meanwhile, information from the APC national leadership revealed that the party has set out the okigwe bye election as a test of Governor Uzodinma’s weight and general acceptability in Imo.

Midweek Lead gathered that as the first election since the assumption of Uzodinma in office, the party’s leaders are now looking up to Uzodinma with the view of determining his weight and general acceptability as well as the marketability of Ibezim, the party’s candidate.

Governor Uzodinma had prior to the APC primaries for Okigwe bye election, appealed with the Aspirants to select one amongst them for a consensus, a suggestion which according to him would make APC stronger in Okigwe Zone and Imo in general.

This Uzodinma’s suggestion was rejected by the aspirants who later purchased forms and went for the primaries.

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