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Okata Monarchs Invoke, gods, Ancestors Over Killings

Faced with the daunting challenge of secretly or publicly fishing out those behind the killing of four indigenes of Okata Ward in Ihitte/Uboma LGA, Eze Christian Iwueke, Okata Community; Eze Romanus Uwanawanti, Uzinomi and Eze Dr. George Etugo, Umuchiaku Lowa all in Okata Ward, assembled the creme of the membership of the traditional rulers in the area expected to perform the traditional rites of invocation of both the gods of the land and their ancestors to go after those responsible for the killings.

Chairman, Ihitte/Uboma Council of Traditional Rulers, Eze Innocent Onuoha, Ikpe l of Ikpeweafor in union with other royal fathers poured libation with palm wine said to have stayed four market days without touching the ground and eight unblemished Igbo kolanuts.

Eze Iwueke, Eze Ji Udo ll of Okata while pouring the libation, called on the gods to not only view the act as abominable but visit them with torture that would herald their deaths.

In his prayers, Uzi l of Uzinomi, Eze Romanus Uwanawanti solicited his ancestors to be quick in rendering the perpetrators useless before striking them death including their accomplices.

Egwunte of Umuezegwu, Eze Marcellus Iheme, said that in his capacity as the representative of Ihitte Royal fathers, with his ofo, a royal symbol of authority,  he was proclaiming authoritatively that the perpetrators have reached their waterloo.

Chairman of the traditional rulers in the area, Eze Innocent Onuoha said his presence as the chairman of  Ndi-Eze was an indication that the royal fathers have raised steely war chests such as evil and their future occurrence in the entire local government area. He stated further that the entire royal fathers are united in measure to shore up the war against insecurity in the area.

A concerned son of Okata and a media professional,  Mazi Tennyson Ogueri, who not only openly appreciated the action of the royal fathers but bemoaned that his community has been trapped by the recurring cycle of killings in the area, advised the royal fathers not to relent in their unison in condemnation of such abominable acts.

Mazi Tennyson Ogueri pleaded with them to be neck-deep in the provision of massive public security awareness in their various communities stressing that security must not be left in the hands of security agents alone.

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