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Not just love but time

Today we remember those we love and those that love us. Not just for love but for times, memories and moments.

Times when we failed and succeeded.

Times when we were weak and strong.

Times that look like the end yet a new beginning.

Times when we dream and wish, when we cry and laugh, and mostly when we hate, but still chooses to love again.

We remember moments so intense and incredible, and memories so great and perfect.

But most importantly we remember you. Yes you, the great you, the super you that our story is complete without. The fabulous you that makes us to hear the sound of success.

So today we celebrate you and our numerous lovers all over the planet earth.

We all are the LEAD, and together we’ll lead ourselves to greatness, abundance, success, fulfillment and joy that we deserve.

So today we say: happy Valentine! Happy times!! Happy memories!!

From all of us: The LEAD Express

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