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Njaba Abandoned 6yr Hiv patient!

Imo Female Lawyers Take Up Case

Association of Female Lawyers in Imo, Federico Internationals de Abogadas, appears to have taken interest in the case of the reported six years old boy master Marvelous Okoro who was abandoned by his father, Mr. Simeon Okoro over alleged HIV.

Lead News had on its last Friday’s edition reported a story of how a father Simeon Okoro who hails from Atta in Njaba dumped his son, accusing him of testing positive to HIV,

Available information to this paper revealed that the above mentioned Association made up of female Lawyers known for the fight for fundamental Human Rights has taken over the matter.

At the time of filing this report, Lead could not ascertain the measures taken by the leadership of the group to unravel the problem but was hinted that some of the close relations of the Poor Boy had spoken and agreed with the Lawyers whose Owerri office is along with Mcc by Uratta, close to the popular House of Freeda, Eatery, which belongs to Mrs Uloma Uche Nwosu, nee Okorocha.

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