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Nigeria’s UN Amb. For Peace Hassan calls For Caution Over #EndSARS

United Movement For New Nigeria ( UMNN) has observed with total dismay the reckless killing of unarmed innocent Nigerian youths by misguided and blood-sucking armed lumpenproletariats sponsored by anti-democratic elements and agents of darkness in the Country.

 It is very disheartening that the only offense committed by these innocent youths is that they were exercising their inalienable right to speak out against injustice and the continued rape of democratic governance in the country. Such genuine demand is only geared towards redeeming the soul of a beleaguered nation through peaceful protest.

 The protest is to awaken the sleeping conscience of a betrayed nation.

Instead of the government to see the realities and respond to the genuine demands of the Nigerian Youths, rather they ordered the shooting of these innocent Youths.

In a desperate bid to silence the protest, armed thugs were unleashed to attack the innocent Youths. Government also directed  the police and the Army to shoot unarmed protesters.

Dead bodies of  youths are littered all over the streets of the country, blood is flowing like water. Nigeria has now become a theatre of war, hot bullets are raining everywhere.

 This is nothing but a crime against humanity, and the perpetrators can never go unpunished. Such brazen and gross impunity cannot be condoned anymore.

The Federal Government will definitely bear the consequences of this genocide.  It is either we run this country on the platter of fairness, equity, and constitutionalism or we result in gangsterism.

We cannot fold our hands watching our leaders maiming and destroying the lives of innocent Youths.

I use this opportunity to call on the American government and other countries of the world to sanction the Nigerian government for this great injustice and heinous crime against her citizens.

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