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Niger Attacks – Escaped student narrates experience

On Wednesday Morning, Gunmen entered the Government Science College in kagara town of Niger State and kidnapped over 42 students including a teacher and his entire family.

A student who escaped the scene, lamented that his friend was shot by the gunmen, three times before fleeing the scene.

He said the event started around 2am, when his friend went out to ease himself. He noticed that some people had torchlights and were coming in their direction. He ran in to call his attention.

“So my friend immediately woke me up saying, come and see some people with shiny torchlights that are trying to enter our school. At first I did not take him serious, I told him to go and lie down and sleep. As he went out and pointed his torchlight towards them, they shut down their lights.

“Minutes later, they entered our hostel and started waking everyone up, once you open your eyes, you will see a gun pointed to your head, threatening you not to risk shouting, else you could be killed”.

According to the student, whose name remains anonymous for security reasons said “only one student was brave enough to shout thieves, then every student began to escape from the school premises.

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The one that hurts me most, is the death of my friend who was shot three times as he was trying to escape the scene. infact parts of his brains fell out because of the shots.

I saw him last night after we had our chats then we bade goodnight to sleep”.

The students were saved by the mercies of God, as the witness and 10 other students could not be found by the gunmen despite going round to ensure that no student was left behind.

The student added that the Gunmen were dressed in Army Uniform and spent over three hours inside the school before they packed the students and a teacher including his wife and children on foot.

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Presently, there are Federal government delegation in Niger state who are working with the state government to secure the release of the students.

On Wednesday, President Muhammadu Buhari held an emergency meeting with northern governors in line to resolve the insecurity challenges been faced in the region.

Meanwhile the Niger State Government is working tirelessly to ensure the release of the students and teachers, with the help of the repentant member of the group.

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