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Much Ado About Sen Uzodinma’s Probe!


Since the day before when the rumor of the proposed probe and the eventual announcement of the said probe hit the public, reactions from Government apologists looked like some kind of enemy of the people had been arrested and convicted.

But what truly is on ground is a mere announcement by the government to probe the former governor Ihedioha over allegation of embezzlement of some Local Government allocations.

I sincerely call on Sen. Uzodinma to quickly constitute his PROBE PANEL and Probe Ihedioha. Media Probe isn’t the way to go!

When Ihedioha came on the saddle as the Executive Governor of Imo state and realized that former Gov. Okorocha had skeletons in his cupboard, he quickly went about to constitute his Probe Committee. This Committee has long been retained by Uzodinma. News that has been emanating from that sector has remained tragically unending.

To me, it won’t be a bad idea if the present administration in Imo sets up a Probe Panel to equally investigate the 7-months old administration of Gov. Ihedioha. That is a fair approach.

What is not necessary is making this a media trial where facts are lacking.

It is good and most noble indeed that all characters mentioned in the allegations raised by Uzodinma against the Ihedioha administration had indicated an interest in delivering their records. Most of them had even swiftly issued statements of explanations on some areas raised by the Imo governor. What this means is that they are willing to appear and answer to allegations whenever and wherever they are requested.

So I urge the Government of the day to go ahead and waste no further time in commencing this very probe. Ihedioha should be invited to answer to activities under his watch under 7 months so that it continues like that.

Also, the Uzodinma’s administration should ensure it has enough grounds with back-up information to prosecute its case. He that alleges must prove. Let it not be seen as unnecessary witch-hunting where even when the truth is discovered, lies are promoted.

So far, Ndimo will be the best for it where it’s discovered that those who embezzled our monies while in the office are made to pay for them.

Imo PDP should get ready to defend areas of concerns raised by the present administration as there is nothing actually to bother about where transparency had been promoted.

For many who reads upside down and understands downside up, the take here is that the governor should do the needful. Imolites don’t really care about these daily fights. Imolites care about basic necessities like salaries, construction of roads, etc. This claim of looth to me is to divert attention to the fact that the government has nothing to show for almost 100 days it’s wasting in office.

The Government also has no answer to the whereabouts of Imo LGs funds for January, February, and March. So knowing these guys, they are trying to divert our querries because 100 days in office is here.

 Uzodinma should get serious and forget these antics we are already used to. Let him simply constitute the probe panel the way Ihedioha did on Okorocha and concentrate on giving us good governance.

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