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Miriam Onuoha’s Bill On Cannabis Scales Through First Reading At Reps

Hon Princess Miriam Onuoha member House of Representatives from Isiala Mbano/Onuimo/Okigwe Federal Constituency, Imo State, on Tuesday introduced and sponsored a bill titled ‘CANNABIS CONTROL BILL 2020’ before the house of Representatives in Abuja.

 Leading the debate Princess Miriam Onuoha stated that Nigeria as a nation needs to quickly diversify to other sectors including the Agriculture as the price of oil had crashed far below the nation’s budget due to Coronavirus pandemics.

 She hinted that the cultivation of cannabis with legal control and proper regulations by the appropriate authorities will increase income for farmers and the nation’s economic resources through foreign exchange.

 She opined that if this bill is passed and assented by the president the income it will generate is far more than oil as cannabis now has various benefits and value chain in pharmaceutical Industries for drugs and cosmetics manufacturing as well as other research purposes for institutions that she explained will create employment for the teeming youths in Nigeria.

She further stressed that nations like Israel is using cannabis (CBD) for the treatment & management of covid19 patients in their country.

 Princess Onuoha re-emphasized that her intention is not to legalize the abuse of the plant but is for the nation to provide suitable regulations, control and license for farmers and investors who will farm the plant, build pharmaceutical industries that can produce products for local and foreign exchange for the overall national interest.

She further stated that countries like Canada and even Ghana are using the opportunities provided by the farming of Cannabis CBD to increase their national revenue and create jobs.

  She said that many Nigeria soil is very suitable and it can be useful for the cultivation of cannabis if the necessary regulatory framework is giving by the government.

  She called her colleagues to support the bill and give it accelerated passage as well as other Nigerians, corporate bodies, NGOs, Investors, Farmers, and the Media to follow the bill and provide their necessary support during the public hearing.

 The Speaker Rt Hon Femi Gbajabiamila passed the bill for second reading.

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