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Melaye: Nigerians Are Fed Up With This NGO Called APC

The former lawmaker who represented Kogi West in the 8th Senate has described the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) as a Non-Governmental Organisiation (NGO), saying Nigerians are fed up with the current administration.

Melaye, who was on the frontline of the APC Campaign trail in the buildup to the 2015 General Elections, said he is full of regret for supporting the candidacy of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The former lawmaker described the Buhari presidency as the greatest scam out of Africa, saying there is no president in Nigeria.

He spoke when he featured on Politics Today, a Channels Television Programme, on Friday evening.

“I apologise to God almighty who is the supreme controller of the universe and Nigerians for supporting Buhari.  The Buhari agenda is the greatest scam that came out of Africa. The Buhari presidency in 2015 is the greatest scam that came out of Africa.

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“The subject Buhari is the greatest common that came out of Africa. Once I was blind, now I can see. How can one remain in a political party and support the presidency with what is happening today in Nigeria? I regret seriously supporting that because we were scammed.

On the security challenges facing the country, the PDP chieftain faulted the APC’s handling of the security issue in the land.

He noted that the Nigerian Army that has excelled in international peacekeeping operations have been reduced to a boy scout under the APC’s government.

“Nigerians are fed up with this NGO called the APC. The insecurity in this country, we have never seen anything like this, I cannot fathom it.

“The same Nigerian Army that did well in Sudan, Liberia, that went to Congo Brazzaville, that went to Sierra Leone, that has been going for United Nations’ assignments and flying in brighter colours is the same Army, Air Force, Navy that is behaving like a boy scout today all because of corruption, ineptitude.

“There is no governance in government. We have no President, the President is not available. It has never been this terrible.”

Melaye is currently a chieftain of the PDP.

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